The rest of my trade stock listed by state
By State

  AZ Tombstone
"Bird Cage Theater Tombstone AZ" >all have
   (H) "A T" (instead of AZ)-"Good for one drink or cigar" text only

"Boot Hill Tombstone Arizona" >all have
  (H) Tombstone w/ cactus & stones
  (V) tombstone "Here lies George..."
  (V) tombstone "Here lies Lester..."

  AZ Texas Canyon
The Thing
  (H) "Arizona" cactus, rising sun, roadrunner
  (H) "Texas Canyon Arizona" state outline w/ rays, stars
  (H) "The Thing? Mystery of the desert" text w/ swirls

  AZ Vail
"Colossal Cave Mountain Park - Tucson, AZ" > all have
  (V) Decorated Clay pot w/ bat design
  (V) Cartoon Cave man and woman
  (H) pointy eared bat

   CA San Diego
Horton Plaza all say "San Diego"
  (H) "California" Sun w/ glasses
  (H) "Having a whale of a time" Whale
  (V) "California" Palm Tree on beach
  (H) Sun setting in water w/ seagulls
  (H) "California" Freight ship
  (H) "California" 2 masted sailing ship
  (H) Dolphin w/ seaweed in mouth

Seaport Village
  (H) "San Diego" skyline w/ sun over mountains

CA Klamath
  (V) "Trees of Mystery - Brotherhood Tree" Redwood Tree (DIME = 2 pennies)
  (H) "Trees of Mystery - Redwood Hwy, CA" Indian on Horseback
  (H) "Trees of Mystery - Klamath, CA" Paul Bunyan & Babe

  CO Estes Park
Brownfields Dept. Store
  (V) "Colorado Rockies Baseball" baseball w/ Rockies in background
Fall River Visitor Center

  CT Ledyard
Foxwoods Casino
(H) "Just Married Foxwoods Resort-Casino" text w/ hearts
(V) "Foxwoods Resort-Casino - My Lucky Penny" small arrowhead

  FL Cocoa Beach;
Ricky's Ice Cream
  (V) "My Lucky Penny" 4 leaf clover horseshoe, scrollwork
  (H) Tiny island w/: Palms, Pelican, Beach Umbrella, inside a setting sun,
"The Cocoa Beach Pier" outlines the sun, and "Florida", Gulls.

  FL Kissimmee
(H) "Arabian Nights - Heroes on horseback" horses & riders

  FL Islamorada;
(V) "Florida Keys" Manatee
(V)"Lucky Penny" Horseshoe and Dolphin
(V) "Florida Keys" sailfish
(V) "I Love You-Florida Keys" arrow piercing 2 hearts

  FL Miami;
Cutler Ridge Mall
  (H)"Florida" schooner
  (H)"Guardian Angel" angel
  (V)"Florida" Flamingo w/ bent leg (clad)

  FL Orlando
"Titanic Ship of Dreams"
(V) "I Love You" Bow of ship

(Each go for 2 pennies)
(H) "Titanic - Ship of Dreams" full length of ship
(H) "Titanic - Ship of Dreams" flag w/ star
(H) "Titanic - Ship of Dreams" 2 hearts entwined
(V) "Titanic - Ship of Dreams" Bow of ship

Universal Studios CityWalk
(V) "Official Parrot Head" image of macaw

  Brevard Museum of Art & Science
(V) Brontosaurus w/ trees

  GA St. Simons Island
(H) "St. Simons Island GA" Christ Church
(V) "I Love You - St. Simons Island" Cupid sitting, stringing hearts.

  GA Dillard
(H) "Braves" logo w/ tomahawk

  GA Kennesaw
(H) "The Famous General - Kennesaw (Big Shanty) GA" Locomotive - used in the Civil War Great Train Chase

  GA Savannah
(H) Sun on water w/ seagulls "Savannah Georgia"
(V) "Savannah Georgia" State w/ peach
(H)"Savannah Georgia" Horse & Carriage
(H) "River St. Savannah GA" skyline w/ sailboat
(H) "SS. Savannah" Schooner
(H) ""River Street Sweets - Gourmet Southern Candies" building
(V) "Tybee Lighthouse - Savannah" Lighthouse

IN Clarksville
Green Tree Mall
(H) "The Luck of the Irish" with a 4 leaf clover on each end

  KS Kansas City
(H) "Home on the Range - Kansas" Covered Wagon w/ ox

  LA  Baton Rouge
(H) "Louisiana's Old State Capitol - Baton Rouge  1850" building (castle)
(V) "Huey Long  1893-1935 Louisiana" silhouette of former Gov. (neat image)
(H) "I (heart) Old State Capitol" club faced character w/ open arms

  LA New Orleans
Mardi Gras World
All have "New Orleans"
(H) "Mardi Gras World" Jester logo w/ stars & music notes
(H) "Mardi Gras" Comedy/Tragedy masks w/ banners, stars, music
(V)  montage of sax, keyboard, trumpet, stars, music notes

(Each go for 2 pennies)
IMAX Theatre
(V) "New Orleans" montage of sax, trumpet, keyboard, stars, music notes
(H) "I Survived Bourbon St.(St. sign) New Orleans"
(V) "Aquarium of the Americas" Jaws
(V) "Explore the World - Imax" Globe

Cafe Du Monde
All have "Cafe Du Monde - New Orleans"
(H) Waiter with tray
(H) "1999" Building
(H) Mule & carriage
(V) "I Love you at Cafe Du Monde" arrow piercing 2 hearts

Cafe Du Monde
(H) "Big Fun in New Orleans" T-rex head

All have "Margaritaville - New Orleans"
(H) Margarita spilling backwards
(H)  Parrot skull & crossbones
(H) Shark fin in water

Riverwalk Mall "Kites, Tails & Toys
(H) "Jackson Square - New Orleans" building
(V) "I got Smashed in New Orleans" Lamp post w/ street signs
(H) "Mardi Gras - New Orleans" Tragedy/Comedy masks

  ME Ogunquit - Ogunquit Trading Post
(V) Maine" Lobster
(H) "Maine" Moose
(H) "Maine" Lighthouse w/ rays
(H) "Maine" wolf howling at moon

  MA Leominster
(H) "Massachusetts - Johnny Appleseed Trail" Logo boy spreading seeds

  MA Hyannisport
HyLine Ticket Office
(H) "Nantucket" Whale
(V) "Martha's Vineyard" Lighthouse

  MA Fall River
Battleship Cove
(H) "USS Massachusetts Battleship Cove" Battleship (smaller ship JD at coinpull)
(H) "USS Massachusetts Battleship Cove" Battleship (JD in middle)
(H) "USS Joseph P. Kennedy Battleship Cove" Destroyer
(H) "USS Lionfish Battleship Cove"
(H) "PT Boat Battleship Cove" PT Boat

  MA Salem
all say-"Salem Wax Museum - Salem MA"
(V) Pirate w/ chest & flag
(H) witch on broomstick - rt
(V) Cat silhouette
(V) Pumpkin & ghost

  MO Branson
Silver Dollar City
  (V) "Silver Dollar City Branson MO" State of Missouri (1 pull)
  (H) "Silver Dollar City" train facing left
  (V) "Wilderness Church Silver Dollar City" Log cabin Church
  (V) "Silver Dollar City Branson MO" State of Missouri (2 pulls)
  (H) "Geyser Gulch" text logo w/ tower spouting on top
Grand Village Shops
  (V) "Grand Village Shops" Victorian Spire Logo
  (V) "Remember When" Circular design w/ setting sun & woods

Shepherd of the Hills
   (H) "Branson Missouri The Shepherd of the Hills" Clydesdale head & 1 full
Imax Discovery
(V) "Ozarks Discovery Imax Theatre Branson MO" Imax Logo

76 Music Hall
  (H) "76 Music Hall Branson MO" Jukebox w/ 4 stars

Branson Belle Showboat
  (H) "Showboat Branson Belle Branson MO" Paddleboat
  (H) "Showboat Branson Belle White River Landing" Paddleboat
  (H) "Showboat Branson Belle" text w/ smokestacks
  (H) "Showboat Branson Belle" state of Missouri

Osmond Family Theatre
  (H) "Osmond Family Theater" text logo
  (H) "The Osmonds present Hot Country Revue on Ice"
  (H) Osmond Theater "Branson" on musical staff
  (V) Osmond Theater "My Lucky Penny Branson Missouri" horseshoe clover

  (H) "Thunder Road Branson" Go Kart

  (H) "Ripley's Believe it or Not! Branson MO" Text logo

  MO Springfield
(H) "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World" 3 times circling owl
(H) "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World" Black Bear (smooth through middle
(H) "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World"  Leaping Buck
(H) "We all live down stream Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World" large mouth bass
(H) "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Redhead" logo w/ flying duck

  MO Ozark
(V) "Lambert's Cafe Home of Throwed Rolls"  man throwing rolls

(V) "New Hampshire" Downhill Skier
(V) "New Hampshire" Snow Boarder

  NH Littleton
(H) "Enjoying the air in New Hampshire" ski jumper
(H) "New Hampshire" Cartoon Moose
(V) "New Hampshire" Old Man of the Mountain (horizontal text)

  NH Plymouth
Polar Caves Park
(H) "Polar Caves Park New Hampshire" Polar bear & cub
(V) Polar Caves "New Hampshire Moose" Moose

  NV Los Vegas
Set of 9 Star Trek Quarters

  NY Lake George
The Curiosity Shop
(V) Drum w/ eagle insignia

  NY Pottersville
(V) "Natural Stone Bridge and Caves" w/ their logo of a Caveman holding a
club over his shoulder, walking down a Mountain pass (DIME = 2 pennies)

  OR Bandon
Big Wheel Gifts
(H) "Oregon Coast" Bandon Lighthouse
(H) "Face Rock - Oregon" Face Rock
(H) "Oregon Coast" Orca
(V) "Oregon Coast" Puffin

  OR Florence
(V) "Sea Lion Caves - Oregon Coast" 2 Sea Lions
(V) "Heceta Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast" Lighthouse
(H) "Sea Lion Caves-California Grey Whale-Official Whale Watcher" Grey Whale

  OR Newport
Old Bayfront Bazaar
(H) "Yaquina Head Lighthouse Newport Oregon"
(H) "Whale Watching Newport Oregon" Orca
(H) "The Historic Bayfront Newport Oregon" Building Facades
(H) "Yaquina Bay Bridge Newport Oregon" bridge

all say "Undersea Gardens"
(H) 2 Sea Lions
(H) Orca
(H) Octopus

Ripley's/Wax Gift Shop
(H) "Newport Oregon" Yaquina Bay Bridge
(H) "Newport Oregon" Yaquina Head Lighthouse
(H) "The Wax Museum" African Elephant

all say "Oregon Coast Aquarium"
(V) Tufted Puffin
(H) Pacific Giant Octopus
(V) Leopard Shark
(V) Jellyfish
(H) Fish
(H) Sea Otter
(H) Bat Ray

  OR Seaside
Seaside Town Center
(V) "The Carousel Seaside Oregon" Armored head logo
(V) "The Oregon Coast" Grey Whale breaching
(H) "Seaside Oregon" setting sun, gulls, water

  OR Rockaway
(H) "Rockaway Beach Oregon" Twin Rocks w/ coastal sunset reverse "Flamingo Jim's"

  OR Tillamook
"Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum"
(H) Logo - Fighter wings inside triangle
(H) "Tillamook Naval Museum" Bomber/Fighter head on
(H) Blimp
(H) Bomber

  SC Hilton Head
Shelter Cove Harbor
(V) "Hilton Head" Lighthouse
(V) "My Lucky Ball Mark Hilton Head" Golf ball w/ clover & club
(H) "Hilton Head Island" 2 Dolphins & 4 stars

Shoppes on the Parkway
(H) "Hilton Head" Lighthouse w/ horizon
(H) Shoppes on the Parkway "Hilton Head" sailboat/sun/trees

Camp Hilton Head @ Caligny Plaza
(V) "Hilton Head" Lighthouse
(H) "Hilton Head"  Alligator head

  SC Myrtle Beach
All Star Cafe
(V) "All Star Official A Cafe Myrtle Beach"  Cafe Logo
(H) "All Star Cafe Myrtle Beach"  Baseball w/ 2 crossed bats
(H) "All Star Cafe Myrtle Beach SC"  Stock Car #24
(V) "My Lucky Ballmark Myrtle Beach" w/ All Star Logo on Golf Ball

Nascar Cafe
(H) "Nascar Cafe /////NASCAR Myrtle Beach"
(H) "Nascar Cafe Myrtle Beach" Stock Car #24
(V) "My Lucky Ballmark Myrtle Beach" 4 leaf clover on Golf Ball w/ club
(V) "I Love You Myrtle Beach" arrow piercing 2 outlined hearts

(V) "Nascar Cafe Myrtle Beach" Logo w/ two checkered flags
(H) "Nascar Cafe Myrtle Beach" Stock car w/ #3
(H) "Myrtle Beach" Dolphin w/ seaweed in mouth
(V) "My Lucky Penny Myrtle Beach"  horseshoe, clover, scrollwork

Nascar Speedpark
(H) "Nascar Speedpark Myrtle Beach SC" Speedpark Logo w/ 2 flags & car
(H) "Nascar Speedpark Myrtle Beach SC" 2 crossed checkered flags
(H) "Nascar Speedpark Myrtle Beach SC" "/////NASCAR" Logo
(H) "Nascar Speedpark Myrtle Beach SC" speeding wheel

Gay Dolphin
(V) "Myrtle Beach Gay / Dolphin"  Sailboat, sunset, leaping dolphin

Ripley's Believe it or Not
(H) "Ripley's Motion Master Motion Theater Myrtle Beach" Old Movie Camera

  TN Gatlinburg
(V) "Gateway to the Smokies" gondola

  TN Pigeon Forge
The word "Alabama" in the following description is done in the format of
the band logo.
(H) "My Lucky Alabama Penny Pigeon Forge Tenn." w 3- 4 leaf clovers

  TN Sevierville
We're Entertainment
(H) "Great Smoky Mountains" image of mountains with trees

  TX Galveston
Lone Star Flight Museum
  (H) "Lone Star Flight Museum" Logo w/ pilot wings

From Various Locations in Galveston:
  (H) "Texas Seaport Museum - Elissa - Galveston Island, Texas" 3 masted schooner
  (H) "Strand Brewery Galveston" logo, text only
  (V) "Galveston Island Trolley" head on image of trolley w/ trees inside circle
  (H) T-Treasures "The Strand - Galveston, TX" Trolley
  (H) T-Treasures "Galveston, TX" Momma & baby Dolphins
  (V) "Peanut Butter Warehouse" Logo w/ small boy holding Texas banner "Galveston Island"
  (H) Peanut Butter Warehouse "Galveston (stylized) Island Texas"  w/ small sun

  TX San Antonio
The Alamo
(H) "Long Barrack of the Alamo" barracks behind giant Live Oak

  TX San Antonio
Texas Adventure
  (H) "Boot Scootin in San Antonio" pair of cowboy boots w/ spurs

  VT Shelbourne
"Shelbourne Museum" < all have
(V) "Colchester Lighthouse" Lighthouse
(H) round Visitor Center
(H) "Locomotive 220" Train
(H) "Ticonderoga" Ship (steam?)

  WA Seattle
Seattle Center
(V) "Seattle Center" Fountain w/ people dancing
(V) "Seattle" Space Needle
(H) "Seattle - Washington" State w/ star

Museum of Flight
(H) "Museum of Flight - Blackbird MD-21" plane
(H) "B-17 Museum of Flight" Bomber
(V) "Nasa Space Shuttle - Museum of Flight" shuttle w/ rocket boosters
(H) "Museum of Flight - Air Force One" President's Plane

Steamer's Cafe
(H) "Seattle Aquarium" Sea Otter
(H) "Seattle Waterfront" 2 Orcas leaping

(H) "Killer Whale - Seattle" "Waterfront Landmark Pier 65" Orca

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
(V) "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe - Seattle WA" Sylvester the mummy
(V) "Seattle Mariners" compass type logo

Pike Place Market
(V) "Pike Place Market" Totem Fish
(H) "Seattle Washington" water, skyline, Mt. Ranier
(H) "Evergreen State Washington" state outline w/ Seattle. Mt Ranier