Zoo / Aquarium Tradestock
  AL Montgomery
"Montgomery Zoo - Montgomery AL"
(V) Giraffe (clad)
(H) Turtle
(H) Tiger standing
(H) Bear
(V) Chimp

  AZ Tucson
"Reid Park Zoo" >all have
(V) Giraffe head
(H) Tiger Lying (clad)

  AK Little Rock
"Little Rock Zoo"
(H) Asian Elephant

  CA San Diego
  SeaWorld of California
(V)"SeaWorld California" Circular Shamu Logo
(H)"SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego" Logo
(V)"SeaWorld of California" "Shamu" Cartoon Orca
(V)"SeaWorld of California" "Dolly Dolphin" Cartoon Dolphin w/ lei
(V)"SeaWorld of California" "Penny Penguin" cartoon penguin
(H)"SeaWorld San Diego California" "Pete Penguin" penguin skiing downhill
(H)"Wild Arctic SeaWorld San Diego California" Polar Bear
(H)"Wild Arctic" "Polar Bear" "Sea World" polar bear
(H)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Sea Turtles" Adult & baby Sea Turtles
(V)"Sea Horse" "SeaWorld San Diego" Sea Horse
(H)"Bat Ray" "SeaWorld San Diego" Large Bat Ray
(H)"North Pacific Giant Octopus" "SeaWorld Adventure Park" Giant Octopus
(H)"Sea Otter" "SeaWorld San Diego" otter floating on back
(H)"Sea Lion" "SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego" sea lion
(H)"SeaWorld Adventure Park of California" "Morey Eel" Morey Eel & rocks
(h) "SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego" "Morey Eel" Eel & rocks
(H)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Walrus & pup" Adult & baby walrus
(H)"SeaWorld of California" shark
(H)"SeaWorld of California" "Bat Ray" Bat Ray
(V)"SeaWorld of California" "Emperor Penguin
(V)"SeaWorld of California" "Puffin" Puffin
(H)"SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego" "I Love Dolphins" Dolphin
(V)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Dolphin Stadium" 2 leaping dolphins
(V)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Shark Encounter" people walking thru tunnel w/ sharks
(H)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Shark Encounter" large shark
(H)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Endangered Species - Florida Manatee" manatee
(V)"SeaWorld San Diego" "Manatee Rescue" manatee
(H)"SeaWorld Adventure Park" "Shamu!"
(H)"SeaWorld of California" adult & baby Orca
(H)"Shamu Stadium" "SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego" leaping Orca
(V)"SeaWorld Adventure Park San Diego" "Pirates" 4D movie logo
(H)"Shipwreck Rapids - SeaWorld" beached & broken ship
(H)"I survived Shipwreck Rapids" in splash bubble w/ parrot on side
(V)"Shipwreck Rapids" "SeaWorld San Diego" raft w/ people

"San Diego Zoo" >all have
Set of 9 current pennies (Tree Logo, Tiger River, Hua Mei, Polar Bear Plunge, Sydney Koala, Hippo Beach, Gorilla Tropics, 2 Giant Panda Faces, 2 Giant Pandas)
  (V) "World Famous San Diego Zoo - Hua Mei born Aug 21, 1999" baby panda face
  (H) "Giant Pandas" 2 Pandas nose to nose
  (V) "Gorilla Tropics" Gorilla
  (V) "Polar Bear Plunge" diving Polar Bear
  (V) "Hippo Beach" Logo w/ sun, beach
  FL Ft. Walton Beach
  (V) "Gulfarium - Ft. Walton Beach" - Penguin on shore w/ palm

  FL Miami
Metrozoo; All have "Metrozoo Miami"
   (V) Koala sitting in eucalyptus tree
"Parrot Jungle & Gardens"
(V) Toucan

  FL Orlando
  (V) 2 Dolphins up on tails (clad)

  FL Pensacola
(H) "Pensacola Beach - Florida" Sailboat against sun w/ palms

  FL Sanford
"Central Florida Zoo"
(V) 2 gibbons in tree
(H) Butterfly
(H) Hippo

  GA Atlanta
"Zoo Atlanta"
(H)  "Orangutan" Adult Male squatting and holding a branch with outspread arms
(H) "Panda" full panda walking to the right
(H) "Willie B" Silverback Gorilla and baby (Willie B is the Gorilla
                                                     ambassador to Atlanta, since ~1965)

  KY Louisville Zoo
(V) "Orangutan" hanging from tree branch
(V) "Tamarin" detailed image of a Tamarin
(H) African Elephant - nice detail

  LA Baton Rouge
All have "Baton Rouge Zoo"
(V) Rattlesnake
(H) Ray
(H) Shark
(V) Gibbon sitting in tree
(V) Bear standing
(V) Palm Cockatoo head

  LA New Orleans
"All have "Audubon Zoo - New Orleans"
(H) Tiger standing w/ foliage
(V) Macaw
(H) Frog
(H) River Otter
(H) Cougar
(V) Orangutan (no "New Orleans"

All have "Aquarium of the Americas - New Orleans"
(H) Fish
(H) Shark
(V) Jellyfish (no "New Orleans")

  ME York
(V) "Maine York's Wild Kingdom" 2 monkeys in tree
(H) "York's Wild Kingdom Maine" baby asian elephant
(H) "Maine York's Wild Kingdom" male lion walking
(H) "York's Wild Kingdom Maine" standing tiger

  MA Stoneham
"Stone Zoo"
(V) Wolf howling
(H) Leopard in tree
(H) Sea Otter

  MA Westford
"The Butterfly Place"
(H) 3 Butterflies
(H) single Butterfly
(V) Butterfly side view
(V) single Butterfly

  MA West Yarmouth
(H) Sheep
(V) Sea Lion
(H) Crab

  MO Springfield
"Dickerson Park Zoo"
(V) Zebra
(V) Ostrich
(H) Warthog
(H) Kangaroo

(H) Spider Monkey
(H) baby Asian Elephant
(V) Lion head

MS Hattiesburg
(V) Prairie Dog

  OH Cleveland
"Cleveland Metroparks Zoo"
(H) Bald Eagle head
(H) Warthog - trotting
(H) Red Panda

  OH Cincinnati Zoo
Medallion - "Zoo Coinz" "Manatee Springs 1999" Manatees ($3.00 or 6 pennies each)

  OH "Columbus Zoo" < All have
(H) "Tiger" walking tiger (copper & zinc)
(H) "Rhino" Black Rhino
(V) "Elephant" African Elephant

  OR Portland
Oregon Zoo
(H) "Oregon Zoo Portland - Asian Elephant" elephant
(V) "Oregon Zoo Portland - Siberian Tiger" image of face
(V) "Oregon Zoo Portland - Mountain Goat" image of goat

PA HersheyPark
(H) "ZooAmerica" Deer on grass

  TN Chattanooga
"Tennessee Aquarium"
(V) Frog under magnifying glass

TX Austin
"Austin Zoo"
(H) Panther

  TX Houston
All have "Houston Zoo"
  (V) Wolf head
  (H) Pygmy Hippo
  (V) Giraffe Head
  (V) Sea Turtle
  (V) Sea Lion
  (H) Shark
  (H) Tiger walking
  (H) Asian Elephant w/ baby
  (H) Alligator
  (V) Rattlesnake
  (H) Iguana
  (H) male Lion head
  (H) adult male Orangutan sitting in tree
  (V) Koala Bear
  (H)  Silverback Gorilla

  TX San Antonio
All say "San Antonio Zoo"
    (next 3 quarters go for 2 pennies)
  (V) Lion Head (quarter)
  (H) Hippo (quarter)
"SeaWorld of Texas" >all have
  (V) (w/ logo) raised Dolphin
  (H) 2 Orcas breaching
  (H) Hammerhead Shark in water
  (H) White-sided Dolphin
  (H) "The Great White" Coaster logo w/ GW Shark
  (H) Logo w/ circular Shamu inside state of Texas

no "SeaWorld of Texas"
  (V) "Shamu" Cartoon Orca
  (H) "Shamu" Orca in display pose
  Medallion "Shamu - Killer Whale" Orca reverse "SeaWorld San Antonio 2000" (goes for $3.00)

  WA Seattle
Woodland Park Zoo >all have
  (V) Giraffe
  (V) Elephant
  (V) Gorilla
  (V) Snow Leopard

  WA Tacoma
Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium >all have
  (H) Polar Bear
  (V) Komodo Dragon (Retired)