Any numbering system is flawed before it begins.  We do not know all the coins that exist.  There are rumors of coins no one has pictures of, and official WDW listings of coins no one has ever seen.  As different situations arise, we try to make the best decisions possible at the time.  One decision was made to keep series together under the Resorts section.  At first all the series coins were solely in the resorts.  Then the PTBs (Powers That Be) put one design from a series in a park.  When that happened, it was decided to keep that one coin listed in resorts since it did not have a park logo.  Then the PTBs  put series in a park with one design in a resort and/or another park.  I have made the decision to go back and number all the designs in the location they are staged in.  This corresponds to what Lou Smith is doing with his list.  It will get messy if the PTBs start moving the non park logo dies all around, and they have done this lots in the past.  Mr. James Harhi (in charge of the machines) told me the only dies they ever destroy are the dated ones.   So years from the time a die is "retired" it may show up in another location.

I have been trying to match the coins which I smashed with the descriptions on Lou Smith's list.  From many of the descriptions, I can make the matches, however the locations listed for his coins do not match mine for the same coin.  Now, perhaps the dies have changed location, but at this time, I will not put his numbers alongside mine until I can match it in all ways.  For this reason there will be holes in the lists.  I will be continuing to deal with Tom Smith's numbers on my own coins and especially with the variations.   As I pressed the coins at a certain location, they were each marked and packed under the specific location, so I know for sure that the coin I have listed under Typhoon Lagoon is really from there!

If you have any questions or comments please let me know!  I am always trying to upgrade my services!  If you have any of the coins I am missing, or if you have all the variations of a coin I do not have listed and can send me a scan, PLEASE let me know!  My goal is to provide a website that is as helpful to others as possible!

Thanks again,  Julie

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