Welcome to my Walt Disney World collection
of elongated coins, smashed pennies, pressed coins, squashed coinage etc.  

Please look and enjoy.  I am putting up scans of all my coins.  The ones that are done are underlined and you can click on them to see them!  If you have any Disney coin that I do not have and would like to trade please let me know!!  I use Tom Smith's numbering system with a few changes.  I have kept his variation designations and added a few of my own.  Each coin w/ variations has the location it was smashed at.  (Be aware that dies are often removed from one machine and may show up years later in another location!) There are also group shots (or will be soon) of all variations together so you can compare them, and perhaps figure out which one you have!  I am always looking to fill in my collection.  If you can help please let me know!   

1-18-04 - I am trying to integrate Lou Smith's numbering system into Tom's extisting system.  I would like to keep Tom's system going if possible as much for old time sake as that is what I am used to!  However, I know lots of people are using Lou's numbers now.  Please be patient as I try to get everything organized.  If you see a mistake, please let me know!!  Email Me  I do not have all the coins and am trying to integrate the numbers by definitions.  I am trying to find differences in coins that will allow you to identify a coin without having to have others to compare it to.  Otherwise I am trying to provide side by side scans to help with that process!  Thank you for your patience.  Further notes on numbering system

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