Walt Disney World Resort Coins
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         Note: res-6a has also been res-5a in the past.  I have decided that it belongs in "6" as it                        has flat ears, and will keep it there.  All my variations are labeled accordingly.

*           wdw-res-1        WDW Logos - Castle/Earffel Tower/Planet Earth         
*           wdw-res-2a      "Steamboat Willie" - Retired
           wdw-res-2b      Steamboat Willie no text
           wdw-res-3a      Classic Mickey Mouse - larger buttons - Dixie
           wdw-res-3b      Classic Mickey Mouse - Larger heel on shoe - Cap'n Jacks
           wdw-res-3c      Classic Mickey Mouse - Vero Beach
           wdw-res-4a      Sorcerer's Apprentice - hat more detailed, filled ear - Caribbean
           wdw-res-4b      Sorcerer's Apprentice - flat ear,knot more detailed, robe fuller at bottom- Coronado
           wdw-res-4c      Sorcerer's Apprentice - flat ear, different smile - Institute
    wdw-res-5aMickey 3D ears, larger nose - Contemp
    wdw-res-5bMickey 3D ears, no eye brows - G. F.
    wdw-res-5cMickey 3D ears, smaller nose - Pleasure
*    wdw-res-5dMickey 3D ears, at Movies-replaced by Pooh design at G.F.
*    wdw-res-6aMickey says "Mickey" (H/S-V) - ESPN  (flat ears)
    wdw-res-6bMickey Flat Ears Larger nose & tongue - Cap'n Jack's
*    wdw-res-6cMickey Flat Ears smaller nose - Beach
           wdw-res-7a      Donald - larger Disney - Contemp
*           wdw-res-7b      Donald - very small Disney - Coronado
           wdw-res-7c       Donald - top rays closer to hat - no details in hat - G. F.
*           wdw-res-7d      Donald - right ray closer to edge of hat - Cap'n Jack's
           wdw-res-8a      Goofy - Larger "Disney" - Contemp
*           wdw-res-8b      Goofy - very small "Disney" - Coronado
*           wdw-res-8c      Goofy - ESPN
           wdw-res-8d      Goofy - no "e" at 12 o'clock - G. F.
*           wdw-res-8e      Goofy - Cap'n Jacks
           wdw-res-8f       Goofy - Pleasure Island
*           wdw-res-8g      Goofy - Beach club
           wdw-res-8h      Goofy - ?
           wdw-res-9a      Minnie with "Minnie" - 3D ears - Caribbean
           wdw-res-9b      Minnie with "Minnie" - flat ears - ESPN
           wdw-res-9c      Minnie (H/S-V) - Cap'n Jacks
           wdw-res-10a     Pluto (H/S-V) with "Pluto" - Caribbean
           wdw-res-10b     Pluto (H/S-V) - Cap'n Jacks
*           wdw-res-10c     Pluto (H/S-V) with "Pluto" whisker dots on muzzle  - G.F.
           wdw-res-11a     Chip and Dale - larger gap at top - F.W. Registration
           wdw-res-11b     Chip and Dale - smaller gap at top - F.W. Meadows Trading Post
           wdw-res-12a     Tigger - Larger design, tail almost touches border dots - Dixie
           wdw-res-12b     Tigger - ear more square, smaller stripes on back - W.L.
           wdw-res-13a     Pooh with "Winnie the Pooh" - G.F.
           wdw-res-13b     Winnie the Pooh - larger figure, 3D ear, whisker on right ear - Dixie
           wdw-res-13c     Winnie the Pooh - flat ear - W.L.
           wdw-res-14a     Eeyore - curved ear, tail ribbon points to 2nd dot - Dixie
*           wdw-res-14b     Eeyore - square ear, tail ribbon points above 1st dot - W.L.
           wdw-res-15       Contemporary Resort
           wdw-res-16       Beach Club Resort
           wdw-res-17       Pleasure Island 
*           wdw-res-18       Dixie Landings Resort
           wdw-res-19       Yacht Club Resort  
           wdw-res-20       Port Orleans and Dixie Landings Resorts 
           wdw-res-21       Typhoon Lagoon  w/ Ship Wreck Island
           wdw-res-22       Disney Institute
           wdw-res-23       Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground 
           wdw-res-24       Old Key West Resort
           wdw-res-25       Ariel
           wdw-res-26       Flounder
           wdw-res-27       Sebastian
           wdw-res-28       Baseball Mickey
           wdw-res-29       Skating Minnie Mouse
           wdw-res-30       Tennis Goofy 
           wdw-res-31       Snow White 
*           wdw-res-32-1      Bashful  
*           wdw-res-32-2      Doc
           wdw-res-32-3      Dopey
*           wdw-res-32-4      Grumpy  (previously at Sports, then at Movies)
*           wdw-res-32-5      Happy
*           wdw-res-32-6      Sleepy
*           wdw-res-32-7      Sneezy
*           wdw-res-33        Wicked Witch
           wdw-res-34        Western Mickey
           wdw-res-35         Western Donald
*           wdw-res-36        Esmeralda 
*           wdw-res-37        Quasimodo
           wdw-res-38        Ice Gator (Blizzard Beach Mascot)
           wdw-res-39        Mickey with trumpet
           wdw-res-40        Donald with trombone
           wdw-res-41        Jester Goofy
           wdw-res-42a      Pocahontas and John Smith - fatter dots, Capt'n armpit w/ only one line - Poly
*           wdw-res-42b      Pocahontas and John Smith - Pocahontas' fingers have more detail - Ft. Wild
           wdw-res-43a      Pocahontas - fatter dots, hair end has more detail - Poly
           wdw-res-43b      Pocahontas - hair flatter across bottom - Ft. Wild
           wdw-res-44        Chief Powhatan
           wdw-res-45        Meeko 
           wdw-res-46a      Dalmation puppy in fire hat - collar is curved - Movies
*           wdw-res-46b      Dalmation puppy in fire hat - collar is flat and straight - Music
*           wdw-res-46c      Dalmation puppy in fire hat - Eye is larger - Caribbean
           wdw-res-47a      Pongo and Perdita - No hair marks on Perdita's neck, no eye brows - Movies
           wdw-res-47b      Pongo and Perdita - 3 dots on Pongo's ear - Music
           wdw-res-47c      Pongo and Perdita - 5 dots on Pongo's ear, 2 dots on Perdita's ear - Caribbean
           wdw-res-47d      Pongo and Perdita - Four dots on Pongo's ear - Disney Institute
           wdw-res-48a      Snarling Wizzer - One spot on forehead - Movies
           wdw-res-48b      Snarling Wizzer - Spot is higher on forehead - Music
*           wdw-res-48c     Snarling Wizzer - no feathers on tail, 2 dots on forehead - Caribbean
           wdw-res-49a      Simba - round ears - Ft. Wild
           wdw-res-49b      Simba - square ears - Music
*           wdw-res-50a      Nala - full tail tip - Ft. Wild
           wdw-res-50b      Nala - fuller body - Music
           wdw-res-51a      Pumbaa and Timon - Timon w/ no whiskers on ear - Ft. Wild
           wdw-res-51b      Pumbaa and Timon - Pumbaa has more hair - Music
           wdw-res-52        Space Mickey 
           wdw-res-53        Space Minnie 
*           wdw-res-54       Space Pluto
*           wdw-res-55       Steamboat Donald
           wdw-res-56a     Surfing Mickey - Beach
           wdw-res-56b     Surfing Mickey - Typhoon
           wdw-res-56c     Surfing Mickey - Vero
*           wdw-res-57a     Tubing Goofy  - Beach
           wdw-res-57b     Tubing Goofy  - Typhoon
           wdw-res-57c     Tubing Goofy  - Dixie Landings / Riverside
    wdw-res-57d     Tubing Goofy - River Country
           wdw-res-58       Western Goofy (tied up) 
           wdw-res-59       Pioneer Mickey with musket
*           wdw-res-60a     Woody - says "Toy Story" - Sports
*           wdw-res-60b     Woody - 2 fingers on hand at hip - Contemp
           wdw-res-60c     Woody - 3 fingers on hand at hip - G.F.
*           wdw-res-60d     Woody - More belly showing below his belt - Poly
           wdw-res-61a     Buzz Lightyear - says "Toy Story" - Sports
           wdw-res-61b     Buzz Lightyear - design on upper arm differs; blank, rounder shape - Contemp
           wdw-res-61c     Buzz Lightyear - Design more square w/ dot at elbow, no hash mark on glove - G.F.
           wdw-res-61d     Buzz Lightyear - Design has no dot bus isn't blank - Poly
           wdw-res-62a     Sarge - no chest pocket flap - G.F.
*           wdw-res-62b     Sarge - more helmet showing at top - Poly
           wdw-res-63       Rex
           wdw-res-64       Disney Sports Complex 
           wdw-res-65       Orlando Rays
           wdw-res-66       Disney Wide World of Sports
*           wdw-res-67       Discovery Island Icon 
*           wdw-res-68       Discovery Island Eagle
*           wdw-res-69       Discovery Island Tortoise
           wdw-res-70       ESPN Café
           wdw-res-71            All Star Movies Resort - Director Mickey 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-72       Vero Beach Resort Logo
           wdw-res-73            Vero Beach Resort   ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-74            All Star Music Goofy playing sax  ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-75            All Star Sports Donald Duck at bat  ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-76            Beach Club Resort Pluto playing Frisbee  ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-77            Boardwalk Villas Mickey & Minnie strolling 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-78            Caribbean Beach Resort - Pluto w/ crab on tail 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-79            Contemporary Resort - Minnie Mouse 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-80            Contemporary Resort - Vero Beach Mickey & Minnie 2000 *** Quarter***
           wdw-res-81            Contemporary Resort - All Resort Design 2000 *** Quarter***
           wdw-res-82            Coronado Springs Resort - Mining Mickey & Donald 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-83            Disney Institute - Mickey cooking Spaghetti 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-84            Dixie Landings Resort - Mickey playing Banjo 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-85            Fantasia Gardens - 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-86            Fort Wilderness Resort - Chip 'n Dale 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-87            Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - Minnie sitting w/ parasol 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-88            Old Key West Resort - Mickey & Minnie sailing in boat 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-89            Pleasure Island Logo 2000 *** Quarter***
           wdw-res-90            Polynesian Resort - Hawaiian Goofy 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-91            Port Orleans Resort - Jester Goofy juggling on unicycle 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-92            Wilderness Lodge - Lumberjack Mickey sitting on log 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-93             Yacht Club Resort - Donald in Beach outfit 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-94             Pooh Penny "1 of 7" Tigger & Piglet - Movies
           wdw-res-95             Pooh Penny "2 of 7" Tigger in Mickey Clothes - Movies
           wdw-res-96             Pooh Penny "3 of 7" Tigger carrying honey pots - Movies
           wdw-res-97             Pooh Penny "4 of 7" Pooh & Tigger in boat - Sports
           wdw-res-98             Pooh Penny "5 of 7" Pooh and Eeyore w/ butterfly - Contemporary
           wdw-res-99             Pooh Penny "6 of 7" Pooh and Piglet taking honey inventory - Ft. Wild
           wdw-res-100           Pooh Penny "7 of 7" Pooh & Tigger in Flowers - Grand Floridian
           wdw-res-101           Summer Winterland Mini Golf- Santa Goofy 2000 ***Quarter***
           wdw-res-102           Princess 1 of 6 Ariel - ESPN
           wdw-res-103           Princess 2 of 6 Cinderella - Coronado Springs
           wdw-res-104           Princess 3 of 6 Sleeping Beauty - Caribean Beach
           wdw-res-105           Princess 4 of 6 Jasmine - Dixie Landings
           wdw-res-106           Princess 5 of 6 Snow White - Wilderness Lodge
           wdw-res-107           Princess 6 of 6 Belle - Yacht & Beach
           wdw-res-108           Villain 1 of 7 Jafar - Disney Village
           wdw-res-109           Villain 2 of 7 Malificent - Pleasure Island
           wdw-res-110           Villain 3 of 7 Scar - Poly
           wdw-res-111           Villain 4 of 7 Queen (Snow White) - Port Orleans
           wdw-res-112           Villain 5 of 7 Hook - Movies
           wdw-res-113           Villain 6 of 7 Hades - Movies
           wdw-res-114           Villain 7 of 7 Cruella de Vil - Movies
           wdw-res-115           Engineer Mickey - "Worldport"
           wdw-res-116           Goofy's Face - "Worldport"
           wdw-res-117           Conductor Donald - "Worldport"
           wdw-res-118           Downtown Disney Logo "Downtown Disney"
   wdw-res-118a   Downtown Disney Logo "Downtown Disney" no copywrite
           wdw-res-119           Mickey Mouse with Hearts - Pooh Corner Pavilion - Downtown Disney
   wdw-res-119a   Mickey Mouse with Hearts - no copywrite
           wdw-res-120           Minnie Mouse with Valentine  "Downtown Disney"
   wdw-res-120a   Minnie Mouse with Valentine  "Downtown Disney" no copywrite
           wdw-res-121           Goofy with stars - Pooh Corner Pavilion - Downtown Disney
   wdw-res-121a   Goofy with stars - no copywrite
           wdw-res-122           Dwarf 1 of 7 Coronado
           wdw-res-123           Dwarf 2 of 7 Dixie
           wdw-res-124           Dwarf 3 of 7 Pioneer Hall
           wdw-res-125           Dwarf 4 of 7 Polynesian
           wdw-res-126           Dwarf 5 of 7 Port Orleans
           wdw-res-127           Dwarf 6 of 7 Yacht & Beach Club
           wdw-res-128           Dwarf 7 of 7 Yacht & Beach Club
           wdw-res-129           Formal Mickey 1 of 6 Music
           wdw-res-130           Formal Mickey 2 of 6 Sport
           wdw-res-131           Formal Mickey 3 of 6 Grand Flor.
           wdw-res-132           Formal Mickey 4 of 6 Boardwalk
           wdw-res-133           Formal Mickey 5 of 6 Carribean
           wdw-res-134           Formal Mickey 6 of 6 Contemporary
           wdw-res-135           "Disney's Typhoon Lagoon" Surfing Alligator
           wdw-res-136           "Disney's Blizzard Beach" Snowboarding Ice Gator
   wdw-res- 137   "Disney's Hilton Head Island" Logo
   wdw-res- 138            Disney's Hilton Head Island - swimsuit Goofy w/ Surfboard
   wdw-res- 139   "Disney's Hilton Head Island" Mickey w/ fishing pole, Minnie on fence
           wdw-res-140     DisneyQuest
    wdw-res-141    DisneyQuest                 Set of 4
    wdw-res-142   DisneyQuest
    wdw-res-143    DisneyQuest
    wdw-res-144    World of Disney
    wdw-res-145    World of Disney             Set of 4
    wdw-res-146    World of Disney
    wdw-res-147    World of Disney
All Star Movies Resort Logo est. 1999 ***Quarter***
All Star Music Resort Logo est. 1999 ***Quarter***
All Star Sports Resort est. 1994 ***Quarter***
Animal Kingdom Lodge est. 2001 ***Quarter***
Beach Club Resort est. 1990 ***Quarter***
Boardwalk Resort est. 1996 ***Quarter***
Caribbean Beach Resort est. 1988***Quarter***
Contemporary Resort est. 1971 ***Quarter***
Coronado Springs Resort est. 1992***Quarter***
Fantasia Gardens est. 1996 ***Quarter***
Fort Wilderness Campground  est. 1971 ***Quarter***
Grand Floridian Resort and Spa est. 1988 ***Quarter***
WDW Monorail  est. 1971***Quarter*** at Contemporary Resort
Old Key West Resort est. 1991***Quarter***
Pleasure Island est. 1989 ***Quarter***
Polynesian Resort  est. 1971 ***Quarter***
Pop Century Resort est. 2002 ***Quarter*** at Contemporary Resort
Port Orleans French Quarter Resort  est. 1991 ***Quarter*** at Contemporary Resort
Port Orleans Riverside Resort  est. 1992 ***Quarter***
Vero Beach Resort  est. 1995***Quarter*** at Contemporary Resort
Wilderness Lodge est. 1994***Quarter***
Yacht Club Resort est. 1990 ***Quarter***
Mickey 100 Years of Magic ***Quarter*** at Contemporary Resort
Paw Print "Animal Kingdom" - Animal Kingdom Lodge
Tree of Life with outline of Mickey "Animal Kingdom" - Animal Kingdom Lodge
Tree of Life with Hippo and Elephant at base "Animal Kingdom"  - AK Lodge
Aladdin Series 1 of 5 Aladdin
Aladdin Series 2 of 5 Jasmine
Aladdin Series 3 of 5 Jafar - Caribbean Beach
Aladdin Series 4 of 5 Abu - Old Key West Resort
Aladdin Series 5 of 5 Iago - Old Key West Resort
Pluto on Ball
Cyberspace Mountain logo - Disney Quest 5th Floor
Sorcerer Mickey & Broom - Disney Quest 5th floor
Battle for Buccaneer Gold - Disney Quest 5th floor
Disney Quest logo - Disney Quest 5th floor
Film Strip Series "1 of 5" Beauty and the Beast - All Star Movies Resort
Film Strip Series "2 of 5" 101 Dalmations - All Star Movies Resort
Film Strip Series "3 of 5" Hunchback - All Star Movies Resort
Film Strip Series "4 of 5" Artist Mickey - Mickeys of Hollywood - MGM
Film Strip Series "5 of 5" Little Mermaid - Once Upon a Time - MGM
New Typhoon Lagoon
"Alice in Wonderland 1 of 6" Alice - Grand Floridian
"Alice in Wonderland 2 of 6" Cheshire Cat - Caribbean Beach
"Alice in Wonderland 3 of 6" White Rabbit - Caribbean Beach
"Alice in Wonderland 4 of 6" Queen - All Star Sports
"Alice in Wonderland 5 of 6" Caterpiller - All Star Sports
"Alice in Wonderland 6 of 6" Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum - All Star Sports
"Cinderella 1 of 5" Cinderella - Newstand - MK
"Cinderella 2 of 5" Fairy Godmother - Coronado Springs
"Cinderella 3 of 5" Gus and Jacques (mice) - Grand Floridian
"Cinderella 4 of 5" Prince - Grand Floridian
"Cinderella 5 of 5" Cinderella's step sisters - Caribbean Beach
Mickey World of Disney
Minnie World of Disney
Goofy World of Disney
Tinkerbell World of Disney
"Lilo and Stitch 1 of 7" Bounty Hunter - Disney Outfitters - Animal Kingdom
"Lilo and Stitch 2 of 7" Lilo & Stitch eating Ice Cream - Caribbean Beach
"Lilo and Stitch 3 of 7" Lilo & Stitch playing instruments - Caribbean Beach
"Lilo and Stitch 4 of 7" Stitch - Contemporary Resort
"Lilo and Stitch 5 of 7" Lilo w/ doll - Boardwalk Resort
"Lilo and Stitch 6 of 7" Lilo & Stitch surfing
"Lilo and Stitch 7 of 7" Pleakley - Animal Kingdom Lodge
Baseball Mickey "Walt Disney World Team Mickey"
Cheerleader Minnie "Walt Disney World Team Mickey"
Pluto playing Basketball "Walt Disney World Team Mickey"
Donald head first in basketball net "Walt Disney World Team Mickey"

*           96indy-200v            1996 Indy 200 w/ Indy car Inaugural Race/ January 27, 1996" (V)
*           96indy-200h           1996 Indy 200 w/ Indy car Inaugural Race/ January 27, 1996" (H)
*           97indy-200             1997 Indy 200 w/ Indy car (V)
*           98indy-200             1998 Indy 200 w/ Checkered Flag 
*           98chevtrk               1998 Craftsman Series - Chevy Truck Challenge 
*           99indy-200             1999 Indy 200 w/ car straight on (V)
*           00indy-200             2000 Indy 200 w/ car straight on
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