Here is the beginning and eternal part of my collection.  This is my list of personally rolled EC's.  I have collected them as souvenirs of my travels.  After the first 20 or so, I went back and began numbering them in the order they were collected.  I became an avid collector about #35.  Come, see the world through different eyes..............

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1KYLexingtonHKentucky Horse Park" logo running foal inside striding horse
2WAToutleV"Mount St. Helens" volcano erupting (clad)
3CASan DiegoHSeaWorld "Wild Arctic SeaWorld San Diego California" Polar Bear (clad)
4NV Las VegasH"Excaliber" Las Vegas" w/ jousting knight  - "Las Vegas Magic" picture of castle (clad)
5TXSan AntonioH"San Antonio Zoo" Jaguar (upgraded to copper 5-11-00)
6TXSan AntonioH"The Alamo 1836 San Antonio, TX"
7QTXSan AntonioH"Remember the Alamo" - quarter
8TXHoustonV"Space Center Houston" logo w/ shuttle
9LANew OrleansV"Audibon Zoo - New Orleans" Alligator (clad)
10FLKissimmeeH"Arabian Nights-Heroes on Horseback" w/chariot & western rider w/ flag
11FLTampaHLowry Park Zoo; "Lowry Park Zoo" manatee and cub
12FLTampaHLowry Park Zoo; "Lowry Park Zoo - Florida"  River otter (clad)
13FLTampaHLowry Park Zoo; "Lowry Park Zoo fl" manatee (clad)
14FLOrlandoHSeaWorld; Orca in circle w/ "Shamu" in tail - Ltd. Ed. sealed inside penny holder
15FLOrlandoHSeaWorld;  "SeaWorld" 2 orcas breaching
16FLOrlandoVSeaWorld; "SeaWorld"  2 dolphins
17FLOrlandoHSeaWorld; "SeaWorld"  "Shark!" 2 sharks
18FLOrlandoHSeaWorld; "Terrors of the Deep" 1 shark
19FLOrlandoHSeaWorld; "SeaWorld"  walrus
20FLOrlandoHSeaWorld; "Extinction is forever" manatee
21FLOrlandoVSeaWorld; "SeaWorld"  cartoon Shamu
22QFLOrlandoHSeaWorld; "Wild Arctic" polar bear w/ footprints - quarter
23FLTampaHBusch Gardens, "Busch Gardens, Florida" Alligator
24FLTampaHBusch Gardens; "Busch Gardens - Tampa, Florida" Tiger
25FLTampaVBusch Gardens; "Busch Gardens, Florida" Giraffe
26FLTampaHBusch Gardens;  "Busch Gardens, Florida" image of "African Elephant"
27FLTampaVBusch Gardens; "Busch Gardens - Tampa, Florida" male Lion head
28FLTampaHBusch Gardens; "Busch Gardens, Florida" Hippopotamus
29FLTampaHBusch Gardens; "Busch Gardens, Florida" Gorilla
30FLTampaHBusch Gardens; "Busch Gardens, Florida" Logo for "Edge of Africa"
31FLKissimmeeH"Gatorland- Orlando" Gator logo
32FLKissimmeeVOld Town;  "Florida" Sea Turtle
33FLKissimmeeVOld Town; "Stretching my penny in Florida" w/ Lincoln
34FLKissimmeeHShell World; "Florida" outline of state
35FLKissimmeeHShell World;  "Florida" Dolphin w open mouth
36FLKissimmeeVShell World;"Florida" Flamingo on 1 leg
37FLKissimmeeVShell World;  "Florida" Sea Horse
38FLKissimmeeHSplendid China; "Splendid China - Florida" box logo
39FLKissimmeeHSplendid China; "The Great Wall"
40FLLake Buena Vista40     FL Lake Buena Vista; WDW - See WDWnum list
41FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios;  "Universal Studios - Florida" old movie camera
42FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios;"Universal Studios - Florida" Bullwinkle, looking thru a window
43FLTitusvilleVKennedy Space Center; "KSC" with NASA globe logo 
44FLTitusvilleVKennedy Space Center;  "Kennedy Space Center Saturn V" 
45FLTitusvilleVKennedy Space Center; Apollo 25th Ann - "The Eagle Has Landed"  
46FLTitusvilleVKennedy Space Center; "Apollo" Apollo logo 
47FLTampaHLowry Park Zoo; "Lowry Park" Red Panda
48FLTampaVLowry Park Zoo; "Lowry Park" Lorikeet
49FLTampaVLowry Park Zoo;"Lowry Park"  White Tiger
50FLTampaVLowry Park Zoo; "Lowry Park" Swinging Orangutan
51FLTampaHMuseum of Science and Industry; "MOSI Tampa" - Butterfly   
52FLTampaVMuseum of Science and Industry; "MOSI  Tampa" - Shuttle launch
53FLTampaVMuseum of Science and Industry;"MOSI Tampa" "Explore your world" - globe
54FLTampaVFlorida Aquarium; Sea Horse w/ starfish
55FLTampaVFlorida Aquarium; Great Horned Owl
56QFLTampaVFlorida Aquarium; Shark and Ray - Quarter
57FLSarasotaH"Ringling Circus Museum - Sarasota - Fla" elephant w/ headdress (1 clad, 1 copper-57A)
58FLFt. MeyrsHShell Factory: "Shell Factory - Florida" Dolphin
59FLFt. MeyrsVShell Factory;"Shell Florida - Florida" Sea Turtle
60FLFt. MeyrsVShell Factory: "Shell Florida - Florida" mermaid seated on shell, playing harp
61FLFt. Meyrs BeachH"Ft. Meyrs Beach, Florida" Manatee
62FLFt. Meyrs BeachVPelican's Pier - Ft. Meyrs Beach, Florida"  2 pelicans on pilings
63FLFt. Meyrs BeachV"Pelican's Pier - Ft. Meyrs Beach, Fla" logo - Crab, Star Fish, Scallop, waves
64FLFt. Meyrs BeachH"Pelican's Pier" Dolphin  
65FLNaplesVCaribbean Gardens; African Lion Head (male)
66FLNaplesHCaribbean Gardens; Tiger
67FLNaplesVCaribbean Gardens; Spider Monkey hanging by tail
68FLNaplesHTin City; "Tin City - Naples Florida" Dolphin
69FLNaplesVTin City; "Tin City - Naples Florida" 2 pelican w/ 3 flying pelicans in background
70FLNaplesVTin City; "Tin City - Naples Florida" "Just when you thought it was safe" Jaws
71FLMiamiH"Parrot Jungle and Gardens" Hyacinth Macaw on swing "Miami's unique bird sanctuary
72FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" conure? on bike (facing right)
73FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" Flamingo on beach
74FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" alligator w/ open mouth
75FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" cockatoo on bike (facing left)
76FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens" Macaw perched on "Miami Florida" sign
77FLMiamiH"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami FL" Flying Macaw
78FLMiamiH"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" alligator w/ raised head
79FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" swinging orangutan
80FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" cockatoo on branch
81FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Fl" toucan
82FLMiamiV"Parrot Jungle and Gardens-Miami Florida" Flamingo w/ bent leg
83FLMiamiVMetrozoo; "Miami Metrozoo"  logo w/ Cheetah, Sable Antelope, Indian Rhino
84FLMiamiHMetrozoo; "Miami Metrozoo" Black Rhino
85FLMiamiHMetrozoo; "Miami Metrozoo" "African Elephant" walking in savanna
86FLMiamiV"Miami Metrozoo" Lowland Gorilla leaning on rock w/ surrounding vegetation
87FLMiamiHMetrozoo; "Miami Metrozoo" male African Lion walking thru grass
88FLMiamiVMetrozoo; Miami Metrozoo" Bengal Tiger emerging from bamboo
89FLMiamiVMetrozoo; "Miami Metrozoo" Koala sitting in Eucalyptus tree
90FLMiamiVMetrozoo; Miami Metrozoo" Cheetah - full body
91FLKey WestV"Conch Republic" "Southernmost point continental USA-Key West FL" 
92FLKey WestHConch Tour Train; "Hemmingway Home and Museum"
93FLKey WestVConch Tour Train; World Famous Conch Tour Train - Key West, Florida"
94FLKey WestVConch Tour Train; "Key West" w/  Seagulls, Palm, Flamingo & "Florida Sunset"  
95FLKey WestVShells & Gifts; "Key West - 90 miles to Cuba" Southernmost Point Buoy
96FLKey WestHShells & Gifts; "Hemmingway House - Key West"
97FLKey WestVShells & Gifts; "Key West" Conch Shell
98FLKey WestHShells & Gifts; "Key West - Old Town Trolley" Trolley, palms, sun Logo
99FLKey WestVAquarium; "Key West" Lighthouse
100FLKey WestHAquarium; "Sloppy Joe's Bar - Key West" picture of building
101FLKey WestVKey West Aquarium - windows of wonder" porthole logo w/ fish, turtle, shark
102FLKey WestHAquarium; "Key West Aquarium" dolphin
103FLIslamoradaVTreasure Village; "Florida Keys" Manatee
104FLIslamoradaVTreasure Village; "Florida Keys"  Conch Shell
105FLIslamoradaVTreasure Village; Lucky Penny" Horseshoe & Dolphin
106FLIslamoradaVWorld Wide Sportsman; "Florida Keys" Sailfish
107FLIslamoradaH"World Wide Sportsman-Islamorada, Florida" logo w/ tarpon (fish)
108FLIslamoradaHWorld Wide Sportsman; "World Wide Sportsman" Bone Fish
109FLIslamoradaVWorld Wide Sportsman; "I Love You! - arrow piercing 2 hearts - "Florida Keys"
110FLMiamiHCutler Ridge Mall; "Florida" raised map of Florida
111FLMiamiHCutler Ridge Mall; "Florida" Schooner
112FLMiamiHCutler Ridge Mall; "Guardian Angel" angel w/ wings, rays of light shining down
113FLMiamiH"Miami Seaquarium-USA" Dolphin leaping out of water
114FLMiamiH"Miami Seaquarium-USA" Orca leaping out of water
115FLMiamiH"Miami Seaquarium-USA" Sea Lion on stool, classic pose w/ ball on nose
116FLMiamiH"Miami Seaquarium-USA" Manatee and cub
117FLMiamiH"Miami Museum of Science" flying Barn Owl
118FLMiamiH"Miami Museum of Science-& Space Transit Planetarium" logo
119FLMiamiH"Miami Museum of Science-Out of this World" Saturn w/ surrounding planets
120FLMiamiH"Miami Museum of Science" T-rex head
121FLMelbourneV"Brevard Museum of Art and Science" Logo
122FLMelbourneV"Brevard Museum of Art and Science" telescope
123FLMelbourneH"Brevard Museum of Art and Science" Painters pallet w/ brush thru hole in middle
124FLMelbourneV"Brevard Museum of Art and Science" Apatosaurus w/ palms and mountains
125FLMelbourneH"Brevard Zoo" Logo - Leopard leaping left w/ smaller leopard inside, leaping right
126FLMelbourneH"Brevard Zoo" Kangaroo
127FLMelbourneV"Brevard Zoo" Macaw - diagonal design
128FLMelbourneH"Brevard Zoo" Alligator
129FLCocoa BeachH"The Cocoa Beach Pier - Florida" island w/ palm, pelican, umbrella, surf & gulls
130FLCocoa BeachHCocoa Beach Pier; "Cocoa Beach" Dolphin
131FLCocoa BeachHCocoa Beach Pier; "Cocoa Beach" Manatee
132FLCocoa BeachVCocoa Beach Pier; "I Love You! Cocoa Beach" w/ arrow piercing 2 hearts
133FLCocoa BeachVRicky's Ice Cream Shop; Happy face
134FLCocoa BeachVRicky's Ice Cream Shop; "Cocoa Beach - Florida" Shuttle launch
135FLCocoa BeachVRicky's Ice Cream Shop; "My Lucky Penny" w/ 4 leaf clover,
136FLVero BeachHIndian River Mall; "Florida" setting sun w/ sailboat on water, palms in foreground
137FLVero BeachVndian River Mall; "My Lucky Penny - Florida" 4 leaf clover
138FLVero BeachHIndian River Mall; "Florida"  Dolphin
139FLKissimmeeHGatorland; Gatorland" coiled snake
140FLKissimmeeHGatorland; "Gatorland" Blue Heron
141FLKissimmeeHGatorland; "Gatorland" Train
142FLOrlandoHRace Rock; ("Race Rock" words thru checkered oval
143FLOrlandoHWonderWorks; "WonderWorks - Orlando" picture of upside down building
144FLOrlandoHPirate's Cove; logo w/ pirates head
145FLOrlandoHPirate's Cove; Skull & crossed bones w/ pirate's hat
146FLOrlandoVPirate's Cove; "My Lucky Penny - Orlando Florida" 4 leaf clover
147FLOrlandoHUniversal Studios; Back to the Future car w/ BF logo 
148FLOrlandoHUniversal Studios; EARTHQUAKE logo 
149FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios; Fievel Saluting 
150FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios; King Kong head w/ beaded border 
151FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios; King Kong head w/rope border 
152FLOrlandoUniversal Studios; Marquee Logo w/ beaded border 
153FLOrlandoHUniversal Studios; "UNIVERSAL" across Globe 
154FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios; Winnie Woodpecker - full figure pose 
155FLOrlandoVUniversal Studios; Woody Woodpecker in circle
156FLOrlandoH"Ripley's Believe It or Not - Orlando" logo
157FLOrlandoH"Ripley's Believe It or Not - Orlando" car made of matchsticks
158FLOrlandoV"Ripley's Believe It or Not - Orlando" "Shrunken head"
159FLOrlandoH"Ripley's Believe It or Not - Orlando" building canted on side
160FLOrlandoHMercado Mall; "The Mercado - Orlando, FL" Flying Macaw
161FLOrlandoVMercado Mall; "I Love You - Orlando, FL" arrow piercing 2 hearts
162FLOrlandoHMercado Mall; "The Mercado - Orlando, FL" Dolphin
163FLOrlandoHMercado Mall; "My Lucky Penny - Orlando, FL" 2 four leaf clovers
164FLOrlandoHSkull Kingdom; "Skull Kingdom - Orlando" Skull logo
165FLOrlandoVSkull Kingdom; "Skull Kingdom - Orlando" Skull and crossed bones
166FLOrlandoVSkull Kingdom; "Skull Kingdom - Orlando" Scary Mask
167FLOrlandoVSkull Kingdom; Alien head
168FLOrlandoHNascar Cafe; "Nascar Cafe-Orlando FL" 1998 Pontiac stock car #3 (3rd cafe)
169FLOrlandoHNascar Cafe;  "Nascar Cafe-Orlando FL" Logo w/ checkered flags
170FLOrlandoVNascar Cafe; "Orlando Florida"  Sailfish
171FLOrlando VNascar Cafe; "My Lucky Penny - Orlando" 4 leaf clover, horseshoe, scrollwork
172FLDaytona BeachHBeach Express; "Master of the Sea" shark
173FLDaytona BeachVBeach Express; "Florida - Daytona Beach" Dolphin leaping out of water w/ spray
174FLDaytona BeachHBeach Express; "I Love You! Daytona Beach FL" arrow piercing 2 puffy hearts
175FLDaytona BeachVBeach Express; "Lucky Penny - Daytona Beach" single large 4 leaf clover
176FLDaytonaHDaytona USA; "Daytona Light"
177FLDaytonaHDaytona USA; "Daytona 500" w/ race track ribbon  
178FLDaytonaHDaytona USA; "Pepsi 400"
179FLSt. AugustineHGK Gift Shop; "St. Augustine, Florida" "Oldest Schoolhouse" "1763' w/ lamp post
180FLSt. AugustineH Gate Keeper Gift Shop; "St. Augustine, Florida" cannons at Fort
181FLSt. AugustineVGate Keeper Gift Shop; "St. Augustine, Florida" Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse 
182FLSt. AugustineVGate Keeper Gift Shop; "St. Augustine, Florida"  Lighthouse
183FLSt. AugustineVGate Keeper Gift Shop; "My Lucky Penny-Florida" w/ horseshoe,
184FLSt. AugustineHOld Sugar Mill; "Ft. Castillo - St. Augustine, FL" aerial view of fort
185FLSt. AugustineVOld Sugar Mill; "St. Augustine, Florida" gapping Alligator
186FLSt. AugustineHOld Sugar Mill; "St. Augustine, Florida" Sightseeing train
187FLSt. AugustineHOld Sugar Mill; "St. Augustine, Florida" Dolphin
188FLSt. AugustineH"Fountain of Youth" "1513"w/ de Leon - full body armor, flag, sword
189FLSt. AugustineH"Fountain of Youth" "1513" w/ de Leon - upper body
190FLSt. AugustineH"Fountain of Youth" w/ de Leon w/ flag & cup, on beach w/ ship
191FLSt. AugustineV"Fountain of Youth" w/ Spanish Galleon
192FLDaytona BeachHMain St. Pier; "Main St. Pier" Logo - Mermaid, pier, "Food: spirit: fishing"
193FLDaytona BeachVMain St. Pier; "Main St. Pier" 2 pelicans on pilings, w/ 3 flying in background
194FLDaytona BeachVMain St. Pier; "My Lucky Penny - Main St. Pier" 4 leaf clover,
195FLDaytona BeachHMain St. Pier; "Main St. Pier" Dolphin
196FLJacksonvilleV"Jacksonville Zoological Gardens" Lowland Gorilla - Silverback
197FLJacksonvilleV"Jacksonville Zoological Gardens" Bear
198FLJacksonvilleV"Jacksonville Zoological Gardens" Bonobo -(Chimp like)
199FLJacksonvilleV"Jacksonville Zoological Gardens" Siamang
200FLJacksonvilleV"The Jacksonville Landing" Logo - man in sailboat (bringing goods to market)
201FLJacksonvilleVThe Jacksonville Landing; "Florida" Palm Tree
202FLJacksonvilleVThe Jacksonville Landing; "Florida" gapping Alligator
203FLJacksonvilleVThe Jacksonville Landing; "Jacksonville, Florida" arrow piercing 2 hearts
204FLJacksonvilleH"Museum of Science and History" Manatee and cub
205FLJacksonvilleV"Museum of Science and History" "E=MC2" Einstein - image of face
206FLJacksonville"Museum of Science and History" Paddle wheeler
207FLJacksonvilleV"Museum of Science and History" Space Shuttle
208FLJacksonvilleVAnhueser Busch; Jacksonville FL" Eagle
209FLJacksonvilleVAnhueser Busch; Jacksonville FL"
210FLJacksonvilleVAnhueser Busch; "Jacksonville FL"
211FLJacksonvilleVAnhueser Busch; "Jacksonville FL"
212GAWaycrossH"Okefenokee Swamp Park"; logo (words only)
213GAWaycrossH"Okefenokee Swamp Park"; river otter
214GAWaycrossH"Okefenokee Swamp Park"; gapping Alligator
215GAWaycrossH"Okefenokee Swamp Park"; black bear
216GASt. Simons IslandVFredrica Station; "St. Simons Island - Georgia" Lighthouse & house
217GASt. Simons IslandHFredrica Station; "St. Simons Island - Georgia" Christ Church
218GASt. Simons IslandVFredrica Station; "St. Simons Island - Georgia" "I Love You" cupid stringing hearts
219GASt. Simons IslandVFredrica Station; "St. Simons Island - GA" "Lucky Penny" 1 large 4 leaf clover
220GASavannahVRiver Street; ("River Street - Savannah" Girl w/ collie, waving handkerchief
221GASavannahHRiver Street; "River Street - Savannah"  Steamboat
222GAAtlantaV"Six Flags over Georgia"; Logo w/ Looney Tune Characters
223GAAtlantaV"Six Flags over Georgia"; Tweety
224GAAtlantaV"Six Flags over Georgia"; Bugs Bunny
225GAAtlantaV"Six Flags over Georgia"; Daffy Duck
226GAAtlantaV"Six Flags over Georgia"; Taz
227GAAtlantaVSix Flags over Georgia; "Six Flags - Looping Starship"
228GAAtlantaVSix Flags over Georgia; Six Flags - Batman - The Ride
229GADahlonagaHGeneral Store; back "I Found Gold in Dahlonaga, GA" front man panning for gold
230GAHelenVDas Ist Leather; Alpine Helen" Clocktower and skyline inside circle
231GAHelenVDas Ist Leather; "#1 Fan" stylized "A"  "Atlanta Braves"
232GAHelenVDas Ist Leather; "I Love You! Helen GA" arrow piercing 2 line drawn hearts
233GAHelenVDas Ist Leather; "My Lucky Penny - Helen Georgia" single small 4 leaf clover
234GADillardVDillard General Store; "Smoky Mountains - Dillard GA" standing bear
235GADillardHDillard General Store; "Atlanta Braves" logo? w/ tomahawk
236GADillardVDillard General Store; "I Love You - Dillard GA" arrow piercing 2 hearts
237GADillardVDillard General Store; "Lucky Penny - Dillard, GA" single large 4 leaf clover
238TNPigeon ForgeVPigeon Forge's Best; "Great Smoky Mts" standing wolf howling at full moon
239TNPigeon ForgeHPigeon Forge's Best; "Great Smoky Mountains" image of mountains 
240TNPigeon ForgeHPigeon Forge's Best; "Guardian Angel" kneeling angel  3 stars
241TNPigeon ForgeVPigeon Forge's Best; "I Love You! Pigeon Forge TN" arrow piercing 2 hearts
242TNPigeon ForgeHThree Bears Gifts; "Smoky Mountains" mountains w/ trees and sun
243TNPigeon ForgeHThree Bears Gifts; "Pigeon Forge TN" 2 bears
244TNPigeon ForgeVThree Bears Gifts; "I Love You" banner over lacy heart
245TNPigeon ForgeHAlabama Grill; Alabama Grill, Pigeon Forge Tenn" Logo
246TNPigeon ForgeHAlabama Grill; Artist of the Decade - Pigeon Forge Tenn" 4 faces
247TNPigeon ForgeHAlabama Grill; "My Lucky Alabama Penny - Pigeon Forge Tenn"
248TNPigeon ForgeVAlabama Grill; "I Love You! Pigeon Forge" arrow piercing 2 hearts
249TNSeviervilleHWe're Entertainment; "Great Smoky Mountains" image of mountains
250TNSeviervilleVWe're Entertainment; "Sevierville TN" 3/4 view of standing bear
251TNSeviervilleHWe're Entertainment; "I (heart) Tennessee" w/ raised image of the state
252TNSeviervilleVNascar Cafe; "Nascar Cafe Smoky Mountains" logo
253TNSeviervilleHNascar Cafe; "Nascar Cafe Smoky Mountains" stock car w/  "4"
254TNSeviervilleHNascar Cafe; "Nascar Cafe Smoky Mountains"  "/////NASCAR"
255TNSeviervilleVNascar Cafe; "I Love You! Nascar Cafe" arrow piercing 2 hearts
256TNGatlinburgHGod's Country; "Gatlinburg - Gateway to the Smokies" Trolley
257TNGatlinburgVGod's Country; Lord's Prayer
258TNGatlinburgVGod's Country; "I Love You" boy and girl angel kneeling and praying
259TNGatlinburgVGod's Country; Serenity Prayer w/ praying hands
260TNGatlinburgVGod's Country; "Isaih 40:31" eagle
261TNGatlinburgHGod's Country; "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"
262TNGatlinburgHGod's Country; "Jesus" inside Christian fish symbol
263TNGatlinburgVGod's Country; "God Answers Prayer" w/ praying hands
264TNGatlinburgVMagnetic World; "Gateway to the Smokies - Gatlinburg" gondola
265TNGatlinburgVMagnetic World; "Gatlinburg Tennessee" leaping fish w/ forest background
266TNGatlinburgVMagnetic World; "Smoky Mountains" standing wolf howling at full moon, trees
267TNGatlinburgVMagnetic World; "Lucky Penny - Gatlinburg TN"  single large 4 leaf clover
268TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Dolly(w)ood - Pigeon Forge, TN" logo w/ butterfly as "w"
269TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Dollywood - Tennessee" state w/ star on Dollywood location
270TNPigeon ForgeVDollywood; "Dollywood - Tennessee" Butterfly
271TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Dollywood (logo) Lucky Penny" w/ 4 small 4 leaf clovers
272TNPigeon ForgeVDollywood; "Dollywood - Pigeon Forge, TN" people on Slidewinder ride
273TNPigeon ForgeVDollywood; "My Lucky Penny - Dollywood" horseshoe, clover, scrollwork
274TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Great Smoky Mountains - Dollywood" Black Bear
275TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Dollywood - Guardian Angel " angel w/ rays from right hand
276TNPigeon ForgeVDollywood; "Dollywood- Pigeon Forge, TN" Bald Eagle w/ spread wings
277TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Dollywood - Great Smoky Mountains" mountains w/ trees
278TNPigeon ForgeVDollywood; "Dollywood - Tennessee" Ice Cream soda in glass w/ rays
279TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; Dollywood - Tennessee" speeding '57 Chevy
280TNPigeon ForgeVDollywood; "Dollywood - I Love You! - Pigeon Forge, TN" arrow piercing 2 hearts
281TNPigeon ForgeHDollywood; "Dollywood- Pigeon Forge, TN" coal driven steam train
282TNGatlinburgHOber Gatlinburg; "Ober Gatlinburg - Tennessee" tram w/ "Gatlinburg"
283NCCherokeeGreat Smokies Gifts; "Smoky Mountains" Indian w/ eagle wings outstretched
284NCCherokeeHGreat Smokies Gifts; "Smoky Mountains" Indian head w/ full headdress
285NCCherokeeHGreat Smokies Gifts; "Great Smoky Mountains" mountains w/ sun and trees
286NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; I Love You! Smoky Mountains" arrow piercing 2 hearts
287NCCherokeeHGreat Smokies Gifts; "Gatlinburg - Gateway to the Smokies" bear & cub  - Pre rolled
288NCCherokeeHGreat Smokies Gifts; Gatlinburg - Gateway to the Smokies" 2 bears - Pre rolled
289NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; "The Ten Commandments" - Pre rolled
290NCCherokeeV Great Smokies Gifts; Jesus Saves" - Pre rolled
291NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; "Praise the Lord" - Pre rolled
292NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; Your Guardian Angel" - rising angel - Pre rolled
293NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; "Follow your dreams" unicorn w/ stars - Pre rolled
294NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; Unicorn rearing - Pre rolled - wheat
295NCCherokeeVGreat Smokies Gifts; "I Love You" in ornate letters- Pre rolled - wheat
296TNChattanoogaH"Tennessee Aquarium" Box turtle
297TNChattanoogaV"Tennessee Aquarium" Frog under magnifying glass
298TNChattanoogaV"Tennessee Aquarium" leaping fish
299TNChattanoogaV"Tennessee Aquarium - Imax 3D Theater"  Bald eagle w/ wings outstretched
300TNChattanoogaH"Aquarium Foods" wave shaped building w/ Aquarium in back"Chattanooga, TN" 
301TNChattanoogaHTrain w/ "Chattanooga" spelled in steam and CHOO-CHOO on Locomotive
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