1469MAWest YarmouthH"ZooQuarium Cape Cod" Fox
1470MAWest YarmouthH"ZooQuarium Cape Cod" Sheep
1471MAWest YarmouthV"ZooQuarium Cape Cod" Sea Lion
1472MAWest YarmouthH"ZooQuarium" Crab
1473MAHyannisPortHHyLine Ticket Office "Nantucket" Whale
1474MAHyannisPortVHyLine Ticket Office "Martha's Vineyard" Lighthouse
1475MANew BedfordH"Buttonwood Park Zoo" Couger
1476MANew BedfordH"Buttonwood Park Zoo" Asian Elephant
1477MANew BedfordV"Buttonwood Park Zoo" Eagle
1478MANew BedfordV"Buttonwood Park Zoo" Deer
1479MANew BedfordH"Buttonwood Park Zoo" Raccoon
1480MAFall RiverH"USS Massachusetts Battleship Cove" Battleship (smaller ship JD at coinpull)
1481MAFall RiverH"USS Massachusetts Battleship Cove" Battleship (JD in middle)
1482MAFall RiverH"USS Joseph P. Kennedy Battleship Cove" Destroyer
1483MAFall RiverH"USS Lionfish Battleship Cove"
1484MAFall RiverH"PT Boat Battleship Cove" PT Boat
1485MAWestford H"The Butterfly Place Westford MA" 3 Butterflies
1486MAWestfordH"The Butterfly Place Westford MA" single Butterfly
1487MAWestfordV"The Butterfly Place Westford MA" Butterfly side view
1488MAWestfordV"The Butterfly Place Westford MA" single Butterfly
1489MAStonehamH"Stone Zoo" Leopard in tree
1490MAStonehamH"Stone Zoo" Sea Otter
1491MAStonehamV"Stone Zoo" howling wolf
1492MABurlingtonHBurlington Mall "Rainforest Cafe" Frog lying on back
1493MABurlingtonHBurlington Mall "Rainforest Cafe" Parrot
1494MABurlingtonHBurlington Mall "Rainforest Cafe" Snake in tree
1495MABurlingtonHBurlington Mall "Rainforest Cafe" Alligator
1496MARockportH"Motif No.1 - Rockport, MA." Dock scene
1497MASalemV"Salem Wax Museum - Salem MA" Pirate w/ chest & flag
1498MASalemH"Salem Wax Museum - Salem MA" witch on broomstick - rt
1499MASalemV"Salem Wax Museum - Salem MA" Cat sillouette
1500MASalemV"Salem Wax Museum - Salem MA" Pumpkin & ghost
1501MASalemV"Salem Wax Museum" Skeleton
1502MASalemH"Salem Wax Museum" witch on broomstick - left
1503MASalemV"Salem Wax Museum" Schooner
1504MASalemVSalem Wax Museum "Souvenir of the Bay State - Massechusetts" state
1505MASalemV"Salem Witch Village" Logo w/ witch
1506MASalemV"Salem Witch Village" yin/yang symbol
1507MASalemV"Salem Witch Village" star in circle
1508MASalemV"Salem Witch Village" anhk
1509MABostonV"Franklin Park Zoo" Zebra running left
1510MABostonV"Franklin Park Zoo" Lion Head
1511MABostonH"Franklin Park Zoo" Lowland Gorilla
1512MALeominsterHVisitor Center "Massachusetts Johnny Appleseed Trail" Logo boy spreading seeds
1513MALeominsterHVisitor Center "Massachusetts" State
1514MALeominsterVVisitor Center "I Love You Massachusetts" arrow piercing 2 hearts
1515MALeominsterVVisitor Center "My Lucky Penny Massachusetts" clover, horseshoe, scrollwork
1516NHLincolnHWhite Mt. VC "White Mountains New Hampshire" 3 mountains
1517NHLincolnVWhite Mt. VC "White Mountains New Hampshire" Covered Bridge
1518NHLincolnVWhite Mt. VC "Old Man of the Mountains" granite outcropping
1519NHLincolnVWhite Mt. VC "Brake for Moose" Bull Moose
1520NHN. ConwayH"Conway Scenic Railroad" Train
1521NHGorhamV"6288 ft. Mount Washington Auto Road" logo of winding road
1522NHGorhamVMt Wash. Auto Rd "Old Man of the Mountains - White Mountains NH" granite
1523NHGorhamHMt Washington Auto Rd "Give Them a Brake" Bull Moose
1524NHGorhamHMt Wash. Auto Rd "Live Free or Die - White Mountains NH" Eagle w/ spread wings
1525NHLittletonHLahout's "Enjoying the air in New Hampshire" ski jumper
1526NHLittletonHLahout's "New Hampshire" Cartoon Moose
1527NHLittletonVLahout's "New Hampshire" Old Man of the Mountain (horizontal text)
1528NHLittletonVLahout's "My Good Luck Ski Penny" clover inside diamond
1529NHLincolnVWeather or Not "Loon New Hampshire" flying Loon
1530NHLincolnVWeather or Not "New Hampshire" Black Bear sitting in cave
1531NHLincolnVWeather or Not "New Hampshire" Old Man of the Mountain
1532NHLincolnHWeather or Not "New Hampshire" Bull Moose
1533NHLincolnVLahout's "New Hampshire" Downhill Skier
1534NHLincolnVLahout's "New Hampshire" Snow Boarder
1535NHLincolnVLahout's "New Hampshire" Old Man of the Mountain
1536NHLincolnVLahout's "My Lucky Penny New Hampshire" Horseshoe, clover, scrollwork
1537NHPlymouthH"Polar Caves Park New Hampshire" Polar bear & cub
1538NHPlymouthVPolar Caves "New Hampshire Moose" Moose
1539NHPlymouthVPolar Caves "Old Man of the Mountain - White Mountains NH"
1540NHPlymouthVPolar Caves "My Lucky Penny" horseshoe, clover, scrollwork
1541VTShelburneV"Colchester Lighthouse Shelburne Museum" Lighthouse
1542VTShelburneH"Shelburne Museum" round Visitor Center
1543VTShelburneH"Locomotive 220 Shelburne Museum" Train
1544VTShelburneH"Shelburne Museum Ticonderoga" Ship (steam?)
1545MAAgawamVMain St. Market "Six Flags New England" Wile E. Coyote
1546MAAgawamVMain St. Market "Six Flags New England" Road Runner
1547MAAgawamVMain St. Market "Six Flags New England" Yosemite Sam
1548MAAgawamHMain St. Market "Six Flags New England" Whirlwind Taz
1549MAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Bugs Bunny
1550MAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Daffy Duck
1551MAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Pepe le Peu
1552MAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Tweety (long roll)
1553QMAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Bugs head
1554QMAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Tweety head
1555QMAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Daffy Duck head
1556QMAAgawamVFudge Shop "Six Flags New England" Marvin the Martian head
1557MAAgawamVNew England Emporium "Six Flags New England" Sylvester
1558MAAgawamVNew England Emporium "Six Flags New England" Tweety
1559MAAgawamVNew England Emporium "Six Flags New England" Speedy Gonzoles
1560MAAgawamHNew England Emporium "Six Flags New England" Taz standing
1561RINewportHHouse of Scrimshaw ""Newport RI" The Breakers Mansion
1562RINewportVHouse of Scrimshaw "Newport RI" Lobster
1563RINewportVHouse of Scrimshaw "Newport RI" Sun-Sailboat
1564RINewportVHouse of Scrimshaw "Rhode Island" outline of state
1565RIProvidenceV"Roger Williams Park Zoo" Cheetah
1566RIProvidenceV"Roger Williams Park Zoo" Wolf
1567RIProvidenceV"Roger Williams Park Zoo" Penguin
1568RIProvidenceV"Roger Williams Park Zoo" T-Rex
1569CTMysticV"USS Nautilus First and Finest Groton CT" stylized attack sub w/ nuclear logo
1570QCTMysticH"United States Submarine Force - Silent Service" floating sub w/ moon & star
1571CTLedyardH"Foxwoods Resort-Casino" Buildings
1572CTLedyardH"Fox Arcade Foxwoods Resort-Casino" full length running fox
1573CTLedyardV"Foxwoods Resort-Casino" Indian Archer w/ bow pulled skyward
1574CTLedyardH"Just Married Foxwoods Resort-Casino" text w/ hearts
1575CTLedyardH"Foxwoods Resort-Casino" Text w/ Logo of fox under tree
1576CTLedyardH"Mashantucket Pequot Museum Foxwoods Resort-Casino" arrowhead
1577CTLedyardV"Fox - Foxwoods Resort-Casino" fox face
1578CTLedyardV"Foxwoods Resort-Casino - My Lucky Penny" small arrowhead
1579CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration" Submarine
1580CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration" Center Global Plaza
1581CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Mystic Connecticut" Sea Lion
1582CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Mystic Connecticut" Dolphin swimming left
1583CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration" Center Global Plaza - more detail
1584CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Mystic Connecticut" Swimming Penguin
1585CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Mystic Connecticut" dolphin swimming right
1586CTMysticV"Mystic Aquarium Connecticut" Seal face
1587CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Institute for Exploration" Challenges of the Deep exhibit
1588CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Mystic Connecticut" Shark
1589CTMysticV"Mystic Aquarium Connecticut" Seahorse
1590CTMysticH"Mystic Aquarium Mystic Connecticut" Beluga Whale
1591CTFarmingtonH"Rainforest Cafe" Frog laying down
1592CTFarmingtonH"Rainforest Cafe" Snake in tree
1593CTFarmingtonH"Rainforest Cafe" Alligator head
1594CTFarmingtonH"Rainforest Cafe" Butterfly
1595CTBridgeportV"Beardsley Zoo" Carousel jumper
1596CTBridgeportV"Beardsley Zoo" stalking Tiger
1597CTBridgeportV"Beardsley Zoo" Wolf head
1598CTBridgeportV"Beardsley Zoo" Snake
1599PAPhiladelphiaV"Philadelphia Zoo - Indian Elephant" baby Elephant
1600PAPhiladelphiaV"Philadelphia Zoo - baby Hippopotamus" Hippo
1601PAPhiladelphiaV"Philadelphia Zoo - Red Panda" walking Red Panda
1602PAPhiladelphiaV"Philadelphia Zoo - Indian Cobra" coiled hooded snake
1603QPAPhiladelphiaV"The Philadelphia Zoo - Langors" Mama & baby Langor
1604QPAPhiladelphiaV"The Philadelphia Zoo - Lemur" Ring-tailed Lemur
1605QPAPhiladelphiaV"The Philadelphia Zoo - Orangutan" Orangutan swinging from tree branches
1606QPAPhiladelphiaH"The Philadelphia Zoo - Gorilla" Lowland Silverback
1607PAPhiladelphiaV"Philadelphia Zoo - Rhinoceros" Rhino head
1608PAPhiladelphiaV"Philadelphia Zoo - Giraffe" full Giraffe
1609PAPhiladelphiaH"The Philadelphia Zoo - America's First Zoo" Tiger lying down
1610PAPhiladelphiaH"The Philadelphia Zoo - America's First Zoo" Bear & cub
1611PALahaskaH"Peddler's Village Grand Carousel" Carousel Horse logo
1612PALahaskaH"Buck's County PA" Covered Bridge
1613PALahaskaH"Buck's County PA" Deer on hill
1614PALahaskaH"Raptor" Dino (looks like T-Rex)
1615NJCamdenV"New Jersey State Aquarium" Sea Turtle
1616NJCamdenV"New Jersey State Aquarium" Jellyfish
1617NJCamdenH"New Jersey State Aquarium" Ray
1618NJCamdenH"New Jersey State Aquarium" Shark
1619PAPhiladelphiaH"Betsy Ross House Philadelphia PA" Text only
1620PAPhiladelphiaH"Betsy Ross House" 13 star flag
1621PAPhiladelphiaH"Betsy Ross House" needle w/ bobbin of thread
1622PAPhiladelphiaH"Betsy Ross House" Thimble
1623PAPhiladelphiaV"Betsy Ross House - Philadelphia PA" Needle & Thread
1624PAPhiladelphiaVBetsy Ross House "Independence Hall PA" Independence Hall
1625PAPhiladelphiaVBetsy Ross House "Philadelphia PA" Liberty Bell
1626PAPhiladelphiaH"Betsy Ross House - Philadelphia PA" 13 star flag waving
1627PAPhiladelphiaH"Delaware River Port Authority - Riverlink Ferry" Ferry
1628PAPhiladelphiaV"Delaware River Port Authority - Riverlink Ferry" anchor & rope
1629PAPhiladelphiaV"My Lucky Penny Riverlink Ferry - DRPA" 4 leaf Clover
1630PAPhiladelphiaV"I Love You Riverlink Ferry - DRPA" arrow piercing 2 hearts
1631PAPhiladelphiaV"Independence Seaport Museum" Captain at helm in storm
1632PAPhiladelphiaV"Independence Seaport Museum" Anchor w/ rope
1633PAPhiladelphiaH"Independence Seaport Museum" Sailing Vessel
1634PAPhiladelphiaHIndependence Seaport Museum "City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia"  skyline
1635PAPhiladelphiaH"Academy of Natural Sciences" Pteradactyl
1636PAPhiladelphiaH"Academy of Natural Sciences" Triceratops Skeleton
1637PAPhiladelphiaV"Academy of Natural Sciences" Velociraptor
1638PAPhiladelphiaV"Academy of Natural Sciences" Loch Ness type Dino
1639PANorristownH"Elmwood Park Zoo - Otter" Sea Otter w/ abalone
1640PANorristownH"Elmwood Park Zoo - Goat" Mountain Goat on Rocks
1641PANorristownV"Elmwood Park Zoo - Cougar" Cougar head
1642PANorristownV"Elmwood Park Zoo - Eagle" Bald Eagle flying
1643PANorristownV"Elmwood Park Zoo" logo w/ leopard draped over "Zoo"
1644PANorristownH"Elmwood Park Zoo" yawning wolf
1645PANorristownH"Elmwood Park Zoo" Male Bison
1646PAGettysburgHCivil War Wax Museum "Gettysburg" Cavalry insignia - crossed swords
1647PAGettysburgVCivil War Wax Museum "My Lucky Penny" script w/ horseshoe 2 clovers
1648PAGettysburgHCivil War Wax Museum "Good for a hug and a kiss anytime anywhere"
1649PAGettysburgVCivil War Wax Museum "Our Father..." Lord's Prayer
1650PAGettysburgVLincoln Train Station "Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg PA" Lincoln bust
1651PAGettysburgHGettysburg Battle Theatre "Four Score and seven years ago.... Gettysburg PA"
1652PAGettysburgHGettysburg Tour Center "Gettysburg PA" Union solder firing cannon
1653PAGettysburgH"Jennie Wade House Gettysburg PA" House thru trees (only civilian death in Battle)
1654PAGettysburgHSoldiers Museum "Gettysburg PA" crossed flags & rifles
1655PAGettysburgHGettysburg Village Factory Stores "North vs. South Gettysburg PA" 2 cannon
1656PAGettysburgVGettysburg Village Factory Stores "Pennsylvania State Bird - Ruffled Grouse" Grouse
1657PAGettysburgHGettysburg Village Factory Stores "Llama Gettysburg PA" Llama
1658PAGettysburgHGettysburg Village Factory Stores "Gettysburg Pennsylvania" state w/ star marking Gettysburg
1659VAWinchesterVApple Blossom Mall "Apple Blossom Virginia" Flower
1660VAWinchesterHApple Blossom Mall "Virginia" T-Rex
1661VAWinchesterHApple Blossom Mall "Virginia is for Lovers" arrow piercing 2 hearts
1662VAWinchesterVApple Blossom Mall "My Lucky Penny Virginia" clover, horseshoe, scrollwork
1663VAFront RoyalHSkyline Caverns - Front Royal VA" Caverns
1664TNChattanoogaHBridge Gifts & Cigars "Chattanooga Tennessee" Carousel Prancer
1665TNChattanoogaHBridge Gifts & Cigars "Chattanooga Choo Choo" Train
1666TNChattanoogaHBridge Gifts & Cigars "Tennessee"  Mountains
1667TNChattanoogaVBridge Gifts & Cigars "My Lucky Penny Tennessee" clover, horseshoe, scrollwork
1668TNChattanoogaV"Creative Discovery Museum" T-rex skeleton
1669TNChattanoogaV"Creative Discovery Museum" Fiddle w/ notes
1670TNChattanoogaH"Creative Discovery Museum" gears & machinery
1671GALookout MountainH"See Rock City - Lookout Mtn Georgia"  Bird House logo
1672GALookout MountainH"Rock City" Circular Mtn Logo
1673GALookout MountainH"True Love Forever - Rock City" 2 hearts
1674GALookout MountainV"My Lucky Penny - Rock City" clover, horseshoe, scrollwork
1675MTMissoula     H"A Carousel for Missoula - Paint" Spotted Jumper
1676MTMissoula     H"A Carousel for Missoula - Missoula Montana" Carousel Building
1677MTMissoula    VMissoula Carousel "University of Montana Missoula Grizzleys" Grizzley
1678MTMissoula     VMissoula Carousel "Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation-Working for Wildlife" Elk
1679MTWest YellowstoneV"Grizzley Discovery Center MT"  Grizzley Head
1680MTWest YellowstoneH"Yellowstone IMAX"  Grizzley
1681MTWest YellowstoneH1 "West Yellowstone Montana" 1$ store 2 Menzel's Curios since 1946
1682MTWest YellowstoneVMarketPlace Supermarket "Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park" Geyser
1683MTWest YellowstoneHMarketPlace Supermarket "West Yellowstone Montana" Trout
1684MTWest YellowstoneHMarketPlace Supermarket "Yellowstone National Park" Black Bear
1685MTWest YellowstoneHMarketPlace Supermarket "Yellowstone National Park" Bull Elk
1686MTTeton VillageVTeton Village Tram "Jackson Hole" Arial Tram
1687MTTeton VillageVTeton Village Tram "Jackson Hole" Bucking Bronc in Grand Tetons
1688MTTeton VillageHTeton Village Tram "Jackson Hole" Moose in front of Mountains
1689MTTeton VillageVTeton Village Tram "My Lucky Penny" horseshoe clover scrollwork
1690MTWest YellowstoneVVisitor's Bueau Gift Shop "Yellowstone Old Faithful" geyser
1691MTWest YellowstoneVVisitor's Bueau Gift Shop "Yellowstone Lower Falls" waterfall
1692MTWest YellowstoneVVisitor's Bueau Gift Shop "Snowmobiling West Yellowstone" snowmobiler
1693MTWest YellowstoneHVisitor's Bueau Gift Shop "Yellowstone Park Buffalo" Bison
1694MTBillingsH"Zoo Montana" River Otter
1695MTBillingsH"Zoo Montana" Siberian Tiger
1696MTBillingsH"Zoo Montana" Bear
1697MTBillingsV"Zoo Montana" Great Horned Owl
1698MTGerryowenVTravel Plaza/KFC "Plenty Coups Last Crow Chief" Indian head
1699MTGerryowenVTravel Plaza/KFC "Chief Sitting Bull - Little Bighorn" Feather Headdress
1700MTGerryowenVTravel Plaza/KFC "General Custer - Montana" bust of Custer

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