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1701SDHot SpringsV"The Mammoth Site - Hot Springs SD" Columbian Mammoth
1702SDHot SpringsH"The Mammoth Site - Hot Springs SD" Wooly Mammoth
1703SDHot SpringsV"Giant Short-Faced Bear - The Mammoth Site" Bear
1704SDHot SpringsVThe Mammoth Site" Columbian Mammoth Skeleton
1705SDRapid CityH Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns "Mt. Rushmore - Black Hills South Dakota" Mountain
1706SDRapid CityH"Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns - Black Hills South Dakota" Indian Head
1707SDRapid CityH"Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns - Black Hills South Dakota" Arrowhead
1708SDRapid CityV"Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns - Black Hills SD" TeePee
1709SDRapid CityV"Bear Country USA" Bear head
1710SDRapid CityV"Reptile Gardens - Black Hills SD" Turtle w/ Megaphone
1711D     SDRapid CityH"Reptile Gardens - Black Hills SD" Salamander
1712SDRapid CityH"Reptile Gardens - Black Hills SD" Poison Dart Frog
1713SDRapid CityH"Reptile Gardens - Black Hills SD" Cobra
1714SDRapid CityV"Reptile Gardens - Black Hills SD" Alligator
1715SDRapid CityV"Reptile Gardens - Black Hills SD" Macaw
1716SDWall H"Mount Rushmore - Wall Drug Store" outline of Mt. Rushmore
1717SDWall H"Wall Drug - Since 1931" Apatosaurus
1718SDRapid CityHRushmore Mall "Mt. Rushmore" faces w/ 3D Mt. above Abe's head
1719SDRapid CityHRushmore Mall "Rapid City SD" Bull Bison facing right
1720SDRapid CityHRushmore Mall "South Dakota" T-Rex
1721SDRapid CityVRushmore Mall "My Lucky Penny - Rapid City SD" horseshoe, clover, scrollwork
1722SDRapid CityH"Dinosaur Park Rapid City SD" Apatosaurus
1723SDRapid CityH"Dinosaur Park Rapid City SD" Triceratops
1724SDRapid CityH"Dinosaur Park Rapid City SD" Stegasaurus
1725SDRapid CityH"Dinosaur Park Rapid City SD" T-Rex
1726SDRapid CityH"Rotary Storybook Island Rapid City South Dakota" Castle Logo
1727SDRapid CityH"Storybook Island Rapid City SD" Train pulling children
1728SDRapid CityHStorybook Island "Mount Rushmore South Dakota" faces in stone w/ fireworks
1729SDRapid CityH"Storybook Island Rapid City SD" T-Rex
1730SDRapid CityH"Black Hills Caverns - Rapid City SD" Stalagtites & Stalagmites
1731SDRapid CityH"Black Hills Caverns - Rapid City SD" Bat
1732SDRapid CityHBlack Hills Caverns "Mount Rushmore"
1733SDRapid CityV"Black Hills Caverns My Lucky Penny Rapid City SD" horseshoe, clover, scrollwork
1734SDRapid CityH"School of Mines & Technology - South Dakota"  School Logo
1735SDRapid CityHSDSM&T South Dakota State Fossil" Triceritops skeleton
1736SDRapid CityHSDSM&T Museum of Geology" Edmontosaurus Regalis Skeleton
1737SDRapid CityHSDSM&T Museum of Geology" Mosasaurus Conodon Skeleton (marine dino)
1738SDKeystoneH"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Granite faces
1739SDKeystoneH"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Bull Bison
1740SDKeystoneH"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" American Flag
1741SDKeystoneV"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Bald Eagle head
1742SDKeystoneH"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Rushmore w/ Flag behind
1743SDKeystoneH"Shrine of Democracy" Avenue of Flags w/ Rushmore behind
1744SDKeystoneV"Cruisin' thru Mount Rushmore" Motorcycle w/ Rushmore behind
1745SDKeystoneV"South Dakota" Indian Arrowhead
1746SDKeystoneH"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Rushmore w/ fireworks
1747SDKeystoneH"Mt. Rushmore" American Flag
1748SDKeystoneV"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Washington profile w/ worker on nose
1749SDKeystoneV"Mount Rushmore National Memorial" Prairie Dog
1750SDKeystoneH Emporium "Mount Rushmore Keystone, SD 2000"  Rushmore
1751SDDeadwoodVIke's Ice Cream "Ike - Deadwood SD" Old western Miner
1752SDDeadwoodVIke's Ice Cream "Wild Bill Hickcock - Deadwood SD" profile
1753SDDeadwoodHIke's Ice Cream "Mt Rushmore - South Dakota"4 faces rope border
1754WIWisconsin DellsVWax World "Stand Rock - Wisconsin Dells" Rocks (closer, larger top)
1755WIWisconsin DellsHWax World "Wisconsin Dells" Tour Boat
1756WIWisconsin DellsHWax World "Wisconsin Dells" Logo (fat letters)
1757WIWisconsin DellsH"WaxWorld - Wisconsin Dells" Movie Clapboard
1758WIWisconsin DellsVB.K. Holtzem Gift Shop "Wisconsin Dells - Stand Rock" Rock Formation
1759WIWisconsin DellsVB.K. Holtzem Gift Shop "Wisconsin Dells" Indian Chief
1760WIWisconsin DellsVB.K. Holtzem Gift Shop "My Lucky Penny - Wisconsin Dells" horseshoe etc.
1761WIWisconsin DellsHB.K. Holtzem Gift Shop " Wisconsin Dells - Guardian Angel" Angel
1762WIWisconsin DellsH"Ripley's Believe it or Not - Wisconsin Dells" Logo
1763WIWisconsin DellsHRipley's "Wisconsin Dells" Logo (Skinny letters)
1764WIWisconsin DellsVRipleys "Stand Rock - Wisconsin Dells" Rock formation (Larger "Stand Rock")
1765TNChattanoogaVClumpies Ice Cream "Chattanooga TN - The Carousel"  Carousel Prancer
1766TNChattanoogaH"Chattanooga Clumpies Ice Cream Co. Tennessee" Store Card
1767TNChattanoogaVClumpies Ice Cream - Angel w/ halo - no text
1768TNChattanoogaVClumpies Ice Cream "My Lucky Penny" Horseshoe, clover
1769DCWashingtonH"National Zoo" African Elephant
1770DCWashingtonV"Panda 25th Anniversary - National Zoo" Panda sitting
1771DCWashingtonV"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Friendship 7" Capsule
1772DCWashingtonV"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Sputnik 1"
1773DCWashingtonH"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Bell X-1" Plane
1774DCWashingtonH"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Mustang PS1-D"
1775DCWashingtonH"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Moon Landing June 20 1960"
1776DCWashingtonH"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Space Shuttle Enterprise"
1777DCWashingtonH"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Spirit of St. Louis"
1778DCWashingtonH"Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - 1903 Wright Flyer"
1779VAPrince WilliamVPotomac Mills Mall "The Capitol Building - Washington DC"
1780VAPrince WilliamVPotomac Mills Mall "The Washington Memorial - Washington DC"
1781VAPrince WilliamHPotomac Mills Mall "Northern Cardinal - Virginia State Bird"
1782VAPrince WilliamHPotomac Mills Mall "Virginia is for Lovers" hearts
1783DCWashingtonH"Mt. Everest - World's Highest Peak - National Geographic Washington DC" Mt
1784DCWashingtonV"National Geographic Washington DC" Great White Shark
1785DCWashingtonH"National Geographic Washington DC" Saber Tooth Cat Skull
1786DCWashingtonH"National Geographic Washington DC" T-Rex Skull
1787VAWoodbridgeV"Potomac Mills" Mall tree logo
1788VAWoodbridgeVPotomac Mills "Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC"
1789VAWoodbridgeHPotomac Mills "The White House - Washington DC
1790VAWoodbridgeHPotomac Mills "Woolly Mammoth - Washington DC
1791MDHanoverH"Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World - Hanover MD" Logo
1792MDHanoverH"Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World - Hanover MD" Crab
1793MDHanoverH"Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World - Hanover MD" Deer
1794MDHanoverH"Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World - Hanover MD" Bear
1795MDHanoverHArundel Mills "Baltimore Charm City" skyline
1796MDHanoverHArundel Mills "Baltimore" Crow
1797MDHanoverVArundel Mills "Orioles #1 Fan" Logo
1798MDHanoverHArundel Mills "Pterodactyl" Dino
1799MDHanoverV"Black-eyed Susan Arundel Mills Maryland" Flowers
1800MDHanoverH"Arundel Mills Maryland" Crab eating
1801MDHanoverH"Arundel Mills Maryland"  Ship
1802MDHanoverVArundel Mills "Lucky Horseshoe - Maryland" Jockey on horse in Horseshoe
1803MDMcLeanHTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Frog Logo
1804MDMcLeanHTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Butterfly
1805MDMcLeanHTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Snake in Tree
1806MDMcLeanHTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Alligator
1807MDMcLeanHTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Spider Monkey
1808MDMcLeanHTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Fish
1809MDMcLeanVTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Owl
1810MDMcLeanVTysons Corner "Rainforest Cafe" Parrot
1811MDGreenbeltVJeepers "I Love You Maryland" arrow piercing 2 hearts
1812MDGreenbeltVJeepers "My Lucky Penny Maryland" horseshoe clover scrollwork
1813TNFall Creek FallsV"Fall Creek Falls TN" Waterfall
1814TNFall Creek FallsV"Fall Creek Falls TN" Deer jumping log
1815TNFall Creek FallsH"Fall Creek Falls TN" Racoon
1816TNFall Creek FallsV"I Love You! Fall Creek Falls TN" Arrow piercing 2 hearts
1817KSKansas CityV"Cabela's World Record Typical Mule Deer"  Deer head w/ antlers
1818KSKansas CityH"Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City, KS" Logo w/ wolf head
1819KSKansas CityV"Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City, KS" Totem Pole
1820KSKansas CityV"Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City, KS" water bucket dumping water
1821MOHannibalV"Mark Twain Hannibal, Missouri" Mark Twain's face
1822MOHannibalH"Mark Twain Museum, Hannibal, MO" Tom Sawyer fishing - Norman Rockwell Sketch
1823MOSikestonH"Lambert's Cafe" Logo Sikeston, MO Ozark, MO Foley AL
1824MOSikestonH"Lambert's Cafe (3 cities)" Man throwing roll
1825MOSikestonH"Lambert's Cafe (3 cities)" Man throwing roll "Ka-Plunk" on head of other guy
1826MOSikestonV"Lambert's Cafe (3 cities)" Mule catching roll
1827TNChattanoogaV"Tennesse Aquarium"Seahorse
1828TNChattanoogaV"Tennesse Aquarium" Sting Ray
1829TNChattanoogaV"Tennesse Aquarium - IMAX 3D Theater" 2 Clown fish
1830TNChattanoogaH"Tennesse Aquarium" Shark
1831NMAlbuquerqueH"New Mexico Museum of Natural History - Pentaceratops" Dino
1832NMAlbuquerqueH"New Mexico Museum of Natural History - Tyranosaurus" Dino
1833NMAlbuquerqueH"New Mexico Museum of Natural History - Parasaurolophus" Dino
1834NMAlbuquerqueH"New Mexico Museum of Natural History - Seismasaurus" Dino
1835NMAlbuquerqueV"Rattlesnake Museum Albuquerque NM" Scorpion
1836NMAlbuquerqueV"Rattlesnake Museum Albuquerque NM" Rattlesnake
1837NMAlbuquerqueH"Rattlesnake Museum Albuquerque NM" Gila Monster
1838NMAlbuquerqueH"Rattlesnake Museum Albuquerque NM" Tarantula
1839NMAlbuquerqueVPerfumes of the Desert "Famous Route 66" in interstate sign pre rolled on info card
1840AZApache Jct    VRailroad Depot "Goldfield Arizona - Superstition Scenic RR" Steam Eng. in diamond sign
1841AZApache Jct     VRailroad Depot "Narrow Guage Railroad - Superstition Scenic RR" Steam Engine w/ cars
1842AZApache JunctionVRailroad Depot "Goldfield Ghost Town - Arizona 1893" Pick & Shovel crossed
1843AZApache JctHRailroad Depot "Goldfield Ghost Town - Superstition Mountains" Prospector & Mule
1844AZApache JunctionVMiner's Grill "Superstition Scenic Railroad" Logo w/ train "Goldfield Ghost Town"
1845AZApache JunctionVMiner's Grill "Goldfield Ghost Town & Mine Tours" Shaft structure
1846AZApache JunctionHMiner's Grill "Goldfield Ghost Town Goldfield AZ" Ore Cart
1847AZApache JunctionHMiner's Grill "Superstition Mtns Arizona" Mnts w/ cactus
1848AZApache Jct.H"Mining Camp Restaraunt & Trading Post - Apache Junction AZ" logo w/ cactus (zinc)
1849AZApache Jct.HMining Camp Restaraunt "Superstition Mtns - Apache Junction Arizona" Mtns (zinc)
1850AZApache JunctionHMining Camp Restaraunt "Apache Junction Arizona" Roadrunner (zinc)
1851AZApache JunctionVMining Camp Restaraunt "Arizona USA - Saguaro Cactus" in AZ state outline
1852AZPhoenixH"Out of Africa Wildlife Park" Jaguar walking
1853AZPhoenixH"Out of Africa Wildlife Park" front half of Tiger coming out of circle
1854AZPhoenixH"Out of Africa Wildlife Park" male Lion head
1855AZPhoenixH"Out of Africa Wildlife Park" Zebra Head
1856AZPhoenixV"Desert Botanical Gardens" Logo w/ flowering cactus
1857AZPhoenixV"Desert Botanical Gardens" Saguaro Cactus
1858AZPhoenixV"Desert Botanical Gardens" Gila Monster
1859AZPhoenixV"Desert Botanical Gardens" Butterfly
1860AZPhoenixHGiftshop at exit "Phoenix Zoo Arizona" Asian Elephant
1861AZPhoenixHGiftshop at exit "Phoenix Zoo Arizona" Gecko
1862AZPhoenixHGiftshop at exit "Phoenix Zoo Arizona" Bighorn Sheep Head
1863AZPhoenixHWatering Hole "Phoenix Zoo Arizona" stylized Gazelle
1864AZPhoenixHWatering Hole "Phoenix Zoo Arizona" Bald Eagle
1865AZPhoenixVWatering Hole "Phoenix Zoo Arizona" stylized Giraffe
1866AZPhoenixVThe Farm "Phoenix Zoo" Frog w/ yin/yang symbol
1867AZPhoenixVThe Farm "Phoenix Zoo" Butterfly w/ yin/yang symbol
1868AZPhoenixVThe Farm "Phoenix Zoo" Meer Cat w/ yin/yang symbol
1869AZPhoenixVThe Farm "Phoenix Zoo" Ostrich w/ yin/yang symbol
1870AZBensonH"Kartchner Caverns State Park" Cave w/ stalagmites & stalagtites
1871AZBensonV"Kartchner Caverns State Park" Pinacle formation
1872AZBensonH"Kartchner Caverns State Park" Bat
1873AZBensonH"Kartchner Caverns State Park" Hummingbird
1874Q     PAPittsburghV"The Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood"  Kennywood Amusement Park
1875PAPittsburghV"The Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood"  Kennywood Amusement Park
1876PAPittsburghV"Kennywood (arrow sign) est. 1898"  Kennywood Amusement Park
1877PAPittsburghV"Thunderbolt - Kennywood"  coaster logo - Kennywood Amusement Park
1878PAPittsburghV"Kennywood"  Dentzel Carousel Horse - Kennywood Amusement Park
1879PAAllentownV"Dorney Park"  near the Whip -  Golfing Snoopy
1880PAAllentownV"Dorney Park"  near the Whip - Baseball Snoopy
1881PAAllentownV"Dorney Park"  near the Whip - Walking Snoopy
1882PAAllentownV"Dorney Park" Arcades - "Mad Mouse"
1883PAAllentownH"Dorney Park" Arcades - "Talon"
1884PAAllentownH"Dorney Park" Arcades - "Hercules"
1885PAAllentownV"Dorney Park"  Carousel Gifts - Snoopy with Bowl
1886PAAllentownV"Dorney Park"  Carousel Gifts - Ranger Snoopy 
1887PAAllentownV"Dorney Park"  Carousel Gifts - Tennis Snoopy 
1888PAAllentownH"Dorney Park" Coasters Drive In - "Steel Force" coaster
1889PAAllentownH"Dorney Park" Coasters Drive In - "Dominator" ride logo 
1890PAAllentownH"Dorney Park" Coasters Drive In -  "Lazer" coaster logo
1891PAAllentownV"Dorney Park" Camp Snoopy Gifts - Snoopy with Bowl
1892PAAllentownV"Dorney Park" Camp Snoopy Gifts - Snoopy Flying Ace 
1893PAAllentownV"Dorney Park" Camp Snoopy Gifts - Snoopy "Cool Joe" 
1894PAElysburg VChalet "Knoebels" campground scene
1895PAElysburg HChalet "Knoebels" Park Logo - rides
1896PAElysburg HChalet "Knoebels - Phoenix est 1985" coaster logo
1897PAElysburg HMining Museum "Knoebels" T-Rex
1898PAElysburg V"Twister Knoebels" coaster logo
1899PAElysburg VCarousel Museum "Knoebels" Kozmo riding carousel holding ring
1900PAElysburg HTreasure Chest "Knoebels" Text logo w/ Kozmo
1901PAElysburg VTreasure Chest "Knoebels" Carousel stander
1902PAElysburg VTreasure Chest "Knoebels - Good for a hug" Kozmo with open arms

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